When I Dream Review and Competition

When I dream

When I Dream is very original and lots of fun when you get the hang of it.  It’s not difficult to set up, you just pop out the point tokens and set the bed up on the board.

The oldest player plays the dreamer first.  I placed the eye mask on and my husband and two boys gave single word clues as to the nature of my dream.

The game had plenty of variety as you play the different dream spirits and see how much you can help or hinder the dreamer!  If you play your role well, you are awarded with more points.  As a fairy you aim to be as supportive as possible.  Giving very clear clues so the player guesses the element correctly.

When I dream

The boogeymen scores when the dreamer is incorrect, so they try and steer the dreamer off course!  The Sandman is more neutral.  He gets more points when the fairy and boogeymen have similar points.

Youngest thought my husband was the fairy when he was completely taking him off track.  We were trying not to giggle.  My nine-year-old did seem to find the game hard to grasp.  But I think with a few more turns he will understand it much better.

When I Dream

The boys liked having a turn wearing the eye mask when they played the role of the dreamer.

For the day section of the game you must recount your dream.  This is trickier than you think, it was tough remembering all the dreams you said in your two minutes.  Although I guess it’s a good way to improve your memory!  I liked hearing how everyone turned the elements they remembered into a funny or crazy story.  The dreamer gets two points for remembering all the elements they guessed correctly during their “dream”.

I think if you’re unsure what the others are saying when you’re a dreamer its worth having a guess regardless, rather than passing.  If your wrong, it doesn’t really matter as you end up in the same pile you would have if you had skipped!  You might even get it right and as it’s the person with the most points at the end every point counts.

The dream cards illustrations are beautifully done.  You have 110 dream cards which are double sided, giving four elements per card.  It keeps the game interesting as you have so many dreams to get through.

I like that up to 10 players can enjoy When I Dream.  It’s quite rare to find a game that accommodates so many people.  Perfect if you’re a fan of game nights with all your friends coming around.

The game is available from your friendly local game shop: findyourgamestore.co.uk


If you would like to win a copy of When I Dream (RRP £26.99) please fill out the form below by the 19th of April.

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