Win the Cobra Paw Game and Find your Inner Ninja

Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw is a fantastic game to test your reflexes!  Mine are so slow so it came as no surprise that I didn’t manage to win.  My husband and eldest on the other hand are super fast.  I had tough competition with the pair of them.  But even my 70 year old mum could move quicker than me.  Hangs head in shame!

The game concept is very simple.  Set up takes seconds, which I love!  You just place the Clawfuku Stones on the table and let the person with the smallest paws roll the dice first.  Youngest usually goes first normally as most games are age based so eldest was delighted he had slightly smaller hands and could start first for a change.

You need to find the stone that matches the pattern you roll with the dice.

Cobra Paw

It gets a bit frantic.  Even more so because the Clawfuku Stones you already hold can be stolen by another player if that’s the pattern shown and they move quicker.  The game gets trickier when more people have stones already as your eyes are cast further around the table.

The simple rule book will make you laugh.  The code of conduct outlines how each player should behave when trying to claim the Clawfuku Stones.  We had a few issues with snatching and needed to cast one player to the “litter box of shame”.  Youngest can get a little wild and grabby so he needs to work on being an honorable Cobra Paw ninja!

We played the Ghost Of The Fallen variation afterwards.  It’s good the game has a bit of variety to keep it interesting.  With this you remove up to five of the planks from the game and if you roll that pattern you need to shout “Cobra Paw”.  My mum kept forgetting the shout and going for the grab, so it does take some getting used too.

The game is available from your friendly local game shop: and retails at £14.99.  I really would recommend it!

Win Cobra Paw

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Win Cobra Paw

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