How Truthful was your childhood?

how truthful was your childhood

I think all mums are guilty of saying little white lies every now and then trying to coax good behaviour out of their children.  Looking back, you may well question how truthful was your childhood?

Given its Mother’s Day tomorrow it’s nice to reminisce about the things our mum used to say.  I remember my mum always going on about eating my crusts, so I could have curly hair.  I didn’t even want curly hair at the time so it kind of backfired for her anyway!

how truthful was your childhood

To be honest of my parents my dad was more prone to tall tales!  He always used to go on about having been in the army if we had to do something we didn’t want too.  Implying he had experienced greater hardships so we should just crack on without complaint and do as we are asked.

We learnt quite early on that was complete BS.  I remember having to take some particularly nasty medicine for my asthma.  It was the vilest concoction I have ever tasted!  My dad would say in the army I tasted plenty worse.  So, I called his bluff and got him to try it!  That soon put an end to all that “I have been in the army business…”

Now I have children myself and used my own white lies.  I guess I am only following in my own mum’s (and dad’s!) footsteps.  It’s hard to know if there was ever any truth in some of the things they used to say.  A few sounded so outlandish looking back.

Children can be very gullible though.  Although that does wear off and they eventually wise up to the ways of the world!  Then the little white lies aren’t quite so convincing.  One of my favourites was saying that the ice cream van only plays music when they have run out!  Now they have realized that is most definitely not the case.

How truthful was your childhood?

Was there actually any truth in any of those childhood little white lies?

buyagift have written a very interesting infographic called debunking your mum which tells you a bit more about the origins of the most popular ones used!  I think if my mum had led with crusts being extra powerful and not mentioned curly hair I would have eaten them much more readily!  German scientists found that the crusts had 8 x more cancer-fighting antioxidants.

I am always telling my boys not to sit too close to the TV playing computer games in case they get square eyes!  I didn’t realize that was actually a parenting myth!  So maybe I don’t need to panic quite so much about that one anymore.

how truthful was your childhood

I think because these lies have been passed down for so long from one generation to the next, as a mum we actually begin to believe what we are telling our children is the truth!  A few of them actually give me a harder time following them like trying to back them away from the TV or making them wait for their food to digest before going swimming!  Youngest always grumbles because his brother has time to eat a cake before his swimming lesson but he doesn’t as his starts sooner.  I might make a few little adjustments based on my new found knowledge to make my life easier.

how truthful was your childhood

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