5 smart moves for a stress-free home move

home move

Moving house with kids in tow is tricky — if you’re not careful it can lead to Defcon 1-level distress.  You’ll have to organise all of the adult stuff like mortgage paperwork and redirecting mail, while wondering if your children will settle into their new school.  But don’t despair — here are five smart moves for a stress-free home move.

1. Room decoration

Delegating some authority to children when it comes to decorating their rooms might help them take ownership of their new living arrangements.

If they’re reasonably responsible, there’s no reason they can’t refurbish their personal space in the way that suits them best. If beanbags, a hammock and customised wallpaper make them feel more at home, allowing them license to express themselves will improve the ambience for everyone.

2. Gym

gym home move

If your gym provides you with a sense of sanctuary and wellbeing, you won’t want to miss out on your regular fix just because you’re moving home.

National chains make it simple to transfer membership to a new outlet online — but if you have to swap suppliers, you’ll probably secure a good deal as a new member.

You’ll need to feel calm and focused to coordinate your move and keep everyone on board, so don’t disregard your health.

3. Broadband

Spending the first few days in your new home without broadband isn’t the end of the world — a digital break can even be refreshing.

broadband home move

But before long, your children are likely to get frustrated they can’t contact friends on social media and you’ll miss checking your email and catching up with work. Compare the best broadband deals for your new location online to see if your current provider can beat competitors — you might end up saving cash and getting a faster service.

4. Family day

Spending time bonding together in your new location before you move can be a good way of getting everyone engaged.

If you can showcase the best that your new town has to offer, your children might be more enthusiastic. Check out Groupon for great deals on everything from cinema tickets to 10-pin bowling — positive PR for your new neighbourhood will work wonders.

5. Personalise

As soon as you move, take time to add a few personal touches to instil a sense of belonging for your whole family in your new home.

So place your favourite photos, prints and ornaments in the perfect spots together to effectively mark your new territory. And invest in some outdoor mats for your front and back doors, complete with a personalised motto that assures guests of a warm welcome.

Follow these five smart moves and your home move will be calm and collected.

Have you moved home recently? Share your tips in the comments section.

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