Dinkee Linkee Competition to celebrate International Tabletop Gaming Day

Today is international tabletop gaming day.  A day to remind ourselves why we love tabletop gaming so much!  To celebrate I am reviewing Dinkee Linkee a fun family game from John Adams.  My eldest son says it’s his current most favourite game.  We all really enjoyed playing it.

Dinkee Linkee

I think it’s very educational as the variety of questions test their general knowledge, provide simple maths questions and remind them of the order of the letters of the alphabet.  It’s good to see them frantically writing away on the little notepads which helps with their spelling.

Dinkee Linkee

My nine-year-old wasn’t great at keeping his answers to himself.  He would want to shout them out.  It took some time for him to realise that if he keeps quiet he has a better chance of winning the card because he knew some things his older brother didn’t.

My husband was the quiz master whilst myself and the boys played.  If you were the first to get the link that connects all the answers together right, then you claim that card!  But don’t be tempted to shout out too early unless you are very confident of your answer.  If you get it wrong, you are locked out of that round.  This happened a few times for my eldest and me, so my youngest had plenty of time to think about his answer.  You can even have a clue if you need it when you have your four answers and still feel a bit lost.  It was hilarious though and we did find it funny when we were completely off track with our links.

Listen to the question carefully, because it’s easy to write down the wrong bit of the answer you need!  I wrote skipping once when I needed skips, so it sent me off on a completely different connection.  However even if you get one answer wrong you might still be able to make a stab at the link!  For example, I had this question, if you dance for a living what are you called? I put down performer, but my next answers were Vixen, Cupid and Comet so I correctly guessed Santa’s Reindeers.

Each card you win has a letter on it, the aim of the game is to spell out DINKEE before everyone else.  If you end up with multiple letters you don’t need you can use these to your advantage.  Three cards you can trade for a letter you need, or you can use two cards to take away one of the other players letters!  Eldest did this to me when I was close to winning.  So, it’s quite strategic too.

I really like how simple the game is to grasp.  It really will be a firm family favourite now.

Dinkee Linkee

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Dinkee Linkee Competition

I have a copy of Dinkee Linkee to giveaway.  If you would like a chance of winning this fantastic game then please fill out the form below by the 25th of May.

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