The Best Chocolate Gifts to Buy

Chocolate gifts

I have such a sweet tooth and think chocolate makes a lovely present.  But your go to box of chocolates might start getting a bit dull if you don’t consider other options.  Time to see how exciting chocolate gifts can really be with these imaginative but very tasty suggestions below.

Chocolate Pizza

chocolate gifts

Who doesn’t love pizza right? Even better when it’s the chocolate variety.

These are delicious.  The chocolate is very thick and moreish, and the toppings are appetising.  We sampled the Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza for the purpose of this feature and were impressed.

Priced at £9.99 (reduced from £11.99) it comes packaged in a pizza box and looks appealing!  It’s not just a novelty item it genuinely tastes good.

The 7” pizza is a decent size for a family to split.  So, if you feel inclined to share there is enough to go around.  One slice of chocolate pizza really does satisfy your cravings!  It’s so rich and chocolatey.

Biscuit Chocolates

Chocolate gifts

I am quite partial to biscuits, so combining two loves here is just perfect for me!

Choc on Choc products always look so interesting and these Biscuit Chocolates are no exception.  They have cleverly made chocolates that look like realistic family favourite biscuits!  It’s a gimmicky gift but these chocolates are very high quality.  The “biscuits” are made with Belgian chocolate and are appetising.  The company was established in 2003 and pride themselves in making all their chocolate by hand.

They are on sale now for £6.99 at that price I would stock up quickly!

Chocolate Tree

Chocolate gifts

Even more unique is the gift of a chocolate tree.

Here all your favourite truffles (Ferrero, Lindor and Belgian chocolate) have been brought together to make a tempting edible tree!  It’s a gift that creates quite an impact, especially as a centrepiece for a celebration.  That is if you can resist leaving it alone long enough!

You can personalise the gift with a message which makes it even more special.  After all the chocolate has been enjoyed you can keep the vase as a memento.  Such an original and attractive gift that will keep any chocolate lover happy.

Win a Chocolate Tree

I have one of these gorgeous Mixed Truffles Chocolate Sweet Trees (RRP £29.99) to giveaway if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 2nd of June.

Win a Chocolate Truffle Tree

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