Setting up a Home Office

Home office

I am guilty of just using a corner of the dining table to work from.  But I think I would be more efficient if I set up a proper home office.  I need an area of the home earmarked just for me, free from disturbances to focus my energies on blogging.  The danger of working from home is being easily distracted.  You can’t help noticing the chores that need doing and soon get preoccupied forgetting the task in hand.

Another issue is I don’t think many people take the fact that I blog for a living very seriously.  It has been labelled not a proper job numerous times!  When the reality is you work very hard and can earn a decent living working from home.  Not many jobs offer you such flexibility, the luxury of picking your working hours and not panicking about childcare over the holidays.  You use so many different skills too, developing your writing ability, juggling deadlines, issuing incomes, managing your credit control and improving your photography skills.

I think if I had a suitable home office set up people would think my role was more official, perhaps even taking it more seriously!  But most important for me is having everything I need organised and within reach.  That is my biggest priority really, I will probably never change some people’s opinions of blogging so instead I will continue to grow our blogs and enjoy the opportunities it brings.

Home office

Home Office Essentials

I need to make some essential purchases a new printer for one.  Ours has given up the ghost and my mum is getting fed up with me turning up at hers and using up all the ink!  I think I will get something more sophisticated like an A3 printer I really like that you can use the PageScope Mobile App to print through your mobile device.


Comfort is so important when it comes to office work.  If you worked out of the home your boss would do a risk assessment to make sure everything met your needs.  You need to do this yourself as no one else will.  Look at the ergonomics make sure the computer is in line with your eye level and that your feet can reach the floor to rest.  Any problems pick out new equipment to resolve them.

Home Internet

I am only as quick as my internet connection if that is sluggish so is my production rate!  Luckily, we were sent WiFi boosters to review and they have been a godsend.  If you haven’t already consider investing in them if you want a stronger internet connection throughout your whole house.

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