Buying a used family car from a car supermarket

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Buying a used family car can be a daunting experience.  I have one friend who has been plagued with problems.  Some dealers have been very helpful, others its ended up in court to get the problem resolved!  She has made it sound so stressful.  When it comes to buying our next car I want to do our research and find a reputable company to buy from.

Our last car was brand new but our next one won’t be.  We want a cheaper run around, so I can return to driving more regularly.  I was looking on Imperial Cars to see what they had in budget.  But we haven’t bought from a car supermarket before.  Our first car we bought off my father in law (affectionately named little red) and our second was a brand-new Skoda Subaru.  New cars aren’t the wisest investment though as they have a huge drop in value within the first three years, so it can make economic sense to buy a used car instead!

buying a used family car

If the company do rigorous tests to make sure the cars in their showroom have been inspected before listing them for sale, then buying second hand can be a good move.  I would much prefer buying through a company than a private seller.  Hopefully one that has qualified engineers to make sure the cars are okay to sell.  Most companies will want to keep a good reputation and not jeopardise it.  But a private seller might have a stolen or damaged car.

Carry out your own checks

You can look at DVLA records to see if the information you are given matches that of the records though!  That one simple check can give you reassurance, as can the free government MOT history checker.  Then you can see if it actually passed its last MOT and ensure the mileage is accurate and that the odometer has not been tampered with.

How Quickly You Want A Car

The great thing about a car supermarket is your chosen car will be available in a couple of hours to drive away, so you don’t have to worry about waiting months for it to be manufactured!

Car Safety

Car safety is always our biggest priority as travelling with our precious boys I want a car that is as safe as possible.  Check to see on Euro NCAP which cars look the safest in their tests.  We did this and ended up buying new.  However buying a used car from a reliable company would have been just as safe and saved us a lot of money.


Check if the used car comes with a warranty.  As a car gets older the chance of needing repair increases some companies through in a free warranty.  Imperial Cars offer three months which at least helps if the car has any initial teething problems.  My friend with the car problems usually found the car had issues during the second month each time.

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