Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Perhaps you tend to focus your attention on the interior of the house usually.  But curb appeal should never be overlooked!  It’s the first impression anyone will get of the property.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to give the front of your house a lift.


I was looking on The Restoration Group website and I was amazed to see how easy it is to transform your house.  We had new double glazing installed four years ago, I never knew it was possible to go about Painting uPVC Doors.  I thought once they were bought you were stuck with that colour regardless if your tastes changed.  But with this company you can spray them a statement colour and really grab passer-by’s attention.  The cost is a fraction compared to that of installing new window frames and doors.  Apparently, it works out as a saving of up to 80%!  I would love to go from white to grey and with cost savings like that it might be a possibility!

Add Window Boxes

These add instant colour to your exterior.  Especially if your neighbours don’t have them it makes your house standout and be noticed!  We have old stone walls, but they need something to perk them up.  I think they look a bit bland otherwise.  If you’re not particularly green fingered, you can contemplate buying artificial flowers that will do the job just as well.

curb appeal window boxes

Dust of the Power Washer

Consider cleaning the patio furniture and pressure washing the driveaway.  A bit of manual labour can make all the difference.  It’s not all about spending money, you can transform your house exterior and garden with just an investment of your time and effort.

Add Outdoor Lighting

More light improves the security of your house and makes it look more welcoming.  As night falls it can add new dimensions to your garden.


You want to make sure you have some evergreens, so your garden is green all year round.   For when flowers aren’t in bloom you need an assortment of shrubs and bushes that will still add colour. Daphne plants are a good choice as they flower in winter and spring when the garden has yet to come to life.

Front Door Wreath

These can look so pretty and inviting as guests approach your front door.  I have seen some beautiful faux tulip arrangements costing around £50.  These can easily last the season and beyond.

If you want more ideas read these 50+ suggestions from Country Living Magazine.

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