How to Improve Your mental health

We all have those moments in our life that we feel a bit down.  Some of us bounce back quicker than others.  Not everyone is as robust when it comes to matters of the mind.  Even when your coasting along quite happily life can throw you a curveball and change your situation completely.  You might lose your job, develop a physical health condition that impacts your life or find yourself dealing with significant stress.  Often, we are our own worst enemies being so critical of ourselves.  We should focus on moving forward and being more resilient.

It’s not surprising that mental illness is so common.  It’s not just our genes or biology that contributes to it but lots of different environmental factors.  Our mental health is just as important as our physical wellbeing, but we often don’t give it the priority it deserves.  If you have started to feel overwhelmed or anxious get help straight away.

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Reach out and talk to Someone

Remember you don’t have to go through it alone.  Open up about how your feeling with those closest to you.  If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to family or friends ring the Samaritans for emotional support or approach a charity like Mind who can point you in the right direction.  Talking about what is troubling you might be the turning point you need to start to feel better.

Book an appointment with a professional

Finding a therapist through a site like Clarity Clinic can also be a big help.  A therapist can advise you of positive behaviours to try when you start to struggle.  Plus, they will listen to you impartially, whereas a friend or family might be more judgemental.  Possibly less understanding of what you are going through as they think it’s something you should just shake off.


When you exercise your release feel good chemicals that can really lift your mood.  It can work as well as medication for those suffering from mild depression.  I have started to do four workouts each week and I have felt much more upbeat.

Connect with People

Our mental health can deteriorate if we isolate ourselves, we need to look at connecting with people.  Working on our relationships with friends, family and the community buffers you when you’re feeling down.

Show Kindness

Doing little acts of good is great for your mental health.  It can give you such a positive feeling of self-worth which is vital for strong mental health.  Look at ways you can volunteer in your local area or just find someone else in need of a little help and see what you can do.  The other day I won two prizes on a raffle, but I gave my second winning ticket to the lady next to me.  Seeing her so overjoyed and happy lifted my mood!  She had been feeling a bit down as the person she had arrived with had left early and she was sat on her own.

In summary be a good friend, show kindness and support those around you.  Hopefully those you connect with will return the favour.

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