Getting the most out of Rock Painting

We are quite late joining the craze but are now completely addicted.  As a family we enjoy rock painting and hiding and finding rocks.  So many people have started doing it where we live, it makes walks outside much more pleasant for the boys.  It gives them a sense of purpose and they are not grumbling quite so much about being tired!

finding rocks

When they find a rock, it makes them so happy.  Then they dash off to find somewhere else to hide it.  I like seeing the variety of designs, some people are so very talented creating the most beautiful rock paintings.

Now on our holidays we make a point of looking around to see if we can spot any!  When we were in Tenby for our Bluestone holiday we spotted three.  It’s a nice change to geocaching as you don’t need to have co-ordinates.  You just get outdoors and keep your eyes peeled for rocks wherever you happen to be at the time.

Here is eldest with one he found.

rock painting

Always check if there is a message on the rock as some mention facebook pages and hashtags and its nice for the people who initially painted the rock to see where it travels.  So if you get a chance take a picture and share it on social media.

If you want to paint your own rocks you will need

A clean rock (wash it in soapy water and allow to dry)

Acrylic paint we like best to decorate them.  Felt tips seem to fade quite quickly.  I have ordered POSCA paint pens too on the recommendation of other rock painters.  Will see how we get on when they arrive and let you guys know.  I am hoping it will mean we can do more detailed designs.

Brushes – the smaller the better if you want to work on the finer aspects of your painting.

Varnish so it will cope in all weather conditions.  I have heard that some people use hair spray on their rocks before varnishing so the paint doesn’t run.  I haven’t tried this yet but should do really as I have found the colours smudge slightly.

Some people really go to town when painting rocks.  You can add stickers, lots of companies are popping up to meet the demand for decorating rocks.  Some stickers can be scanned with phones now and you can see the sticker moving on your phone.  I am going to try and keep away from that aspect though as I am glad the boys are enjoying the activity as a break from screens.

What to remember with rock painting

I think what is important is being patient, the paint can take time to dry.  But I am not keen on waiting so don’t paint rocks as well as I could.  Next time I think I will have a few work in progress rocks so I have something to do distract me whilst other rocks dry.

The main thing though is to have fun!  Be kind about other people’s designs, encourage your children to be creative and get outdoors.  I really like my husband’s effort!

Have you tried painting or find rocks yet?

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