Heatherton World of Activities Review

heatherton world of activities

We really enjoy visiting Bluestone, it’s a great base to explore Pembrokeshire.  We try and visit a new attraction each time we are on holiday there.  Usually you can find lots of free information guidebooks about what to do in the area, so we try and work our way through those suggestions.  So far we have been to Folly Farm and Castell Henllys both of which we would highly recommend.  This time we decided to try Heatherton World of Activities.  I think at 9 and 10 my boys are a good age for this attraction.  Although there is an extensive selection of activities, with something for everyone in the family if your children are younger or older.

Most of the attractions there are based on credits.  You buy how many you want and then your card gets ticked off as you use them up.  It was good value for money really, the boys had 8 credits each for £16.50 per person.  We decided not to do any activities ourselves, so it didn’t cost us anything to enter Heatherton.

We had the grandparents with us too, they liked it because they didn’t have to pay an entrance fee either.  They had only come along to see what the boys got up too, so the fact they didn’t have to spend to watch them was a bonus.  You only pay for the attractions you want to do, so it can be a day where you spend very little if you are on a tight budget.  Or when your feeling more flush you could buy the family pass and then use it up over 6 months.

What we got up to at Heatherton World of Activities

The boys got to do quite a bit for their 8 credits, most of the activities are very reasonable and only use 1 credit so what you have can go a long way.  They liked the pistol shooting best of all, but they also did laser clay shooting, water walkers (2 credits), giant jumping pillows, water peddlerz, kids landrover experience and an inflatable slide.  I think some people might have been getting away with not getting their cards marked for that last ride.  The poor staff member was quite busy with the peddlerz.  But I wanted mine marked it was time to go home and I felt we had done so much and had plenty of value for money!

It was quite busy at Heatherton, but the boys never had to queue for long to get on an activity.  The staff were very friendly.  One went out of his way to help the boys get the most out of the pistol shooting exercise.  Giving them lots of helpful tips.


If you have heading to Bluestone I would definitely recommend Heatherton World of Activities as a worthwhile day out that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Next time we might get the family pass, so we can also join in with the activities.  It looks too much fun to just be a spectator.

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