Planning our next Dream Holiday to Dubai

We are almost at the end of our holiday to Orlando and it’s been incredible. But the crowds and pace at Disney are exhausting. There are so many character meets, shows and rides. My next holiday I want a bit more luxury and a more relaxed break.  I was looking at cheap Dubai holidays.

My eldest son has a best friend who moved there from Wales. He would love the chance to catch up with him again. Dubai appeals too me to. I have had my fill of theme parks this time. I want Sandy beaches and a chance to unwind instead.

We can still have an adventure in Dubai too. We could break up our time lazing at the beach with a camel ride and a thrilling dune safari on a 4×4 vehicle.

Different experiences is what makes our holidays memorable. I like variety and could not keep going to the same destination year on year.

The weather in Orlando has been a bit hit and miss. I want some guaranteed rays. A holiday I hopefully don’t need to wear a rain coat.

The buildings in Dubai are very impressive it has over 900 high rises. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. I guess I would need to take a photograph from the observation deck on the 124th floor.

Shopping in Dubai

As for shopping I would have a change from the malls and head for the gold and spice souks for a traditional shopping experience. Here there are lots of interesting smells. You can get nuts, spices, flour and dates. Be ready to haggle as they quote prices with haggle room.

Yes as much as it has been lovely to have a cuddle with Mickey Mouse next year Dubai will most likely be on the agenda for next year.

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