Our Holiday to Orlando: Attractions on International Drive

attractions orlando

If you’re wondering what else you can do other than the theme parks when you’re in Orlando make sure you head to International Drive.  It’s a great break from the crowds at the theme parks as its nowhere near as busy as the parks are.  We were staying on International Drive, so we didn’t have far to walk to keep ourselves entertained on our days off the parks or the days we chose to leave the parks early.


The upside-down building looks impressive from the outside.  Definitely picture worthy!  But leave yourself enough time to do the attraction justice.

This is quite a pricey attraction, about 117 dollars for the four of us.  But we felt like we had good value for money overall.  We did stay a good few hours.  Always have a look around for paper coupons too because you usually find a few dollars off here and there (or more!) if you know where to look!

There were lots of interactive displays, we braved the bed of nails and the hurricane shack!

attractions orlando

You get a game of laser tag included in the price and a chance to try out the rope course.  Bring closed toe shoes for the rope course or you end up having to pay more to hire some to use it.

My boys liked the bubble lab, my husband managed to get them inside giant bubbles!

attractions orlando

There was also an interactive sandbox that proved very popular with them.  The boys could manipulate the sand and see how it changed the environment and the creatures living there.  We built it up so high we managed to create a volcano at one point!  Well worth getting stuck into the sand there.

There were a few computer games to play all included in the price.  This appealed to my gamer boys.  It wasn’t very busy, so we didn’t have to wait long to try any of the exhibitions.  Virtual sports was a fun one, as they had to throw the ball to eliminate zombies from a big screen!  It got them to run around for a bit which was a good workout.

I went on the wonder coaster, but the boys didn’t fancy it!  For a virtual coaster it does move around a fair bit and felt quite realistic.  We didn’t pay extra to see the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show as I noticed it had very mixed reviews on tripadvisor.

Skeletons Museum of Osteology

We did this the morning of our flight home, just wanting a little filler that didn’t involve going very far.  Luckily, I had a voucher that made the entrance much more affordable (half price) as I don’t think it would be worth it otherwise.  We only spent about an hour and a half here, that was with completing the quiz they gave us.  The museum is interesting and educational its just not going to take up much time.  You learn about skeletal modifications, skeletal trauma and skeletal locomotion.  There are flesh eating beetles in a display unit and you can see them in action!

When you hand the completed quiz, the kids were awarded with a sweet each which delighted them no end.  The skeletons are fascinating to see, and the displays well thought out, its all just over and done with much quicker than you would think.  We liked the gift shop, but you can look around that without entering the museum.

museum orlando attractions

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

We enjoyed playing crazy golf here.  The theming looks fantastic and the staff were friendly.  When the boys finished their game, they had a little bag of pirate themed treats.  It included a flag, eye patch, a cardboard hat etc which was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise for them.  I would recommend playing early in the morning when they first open as it can get very busy at certain times of the day.  Plus, in the heat there isn’t much shade.

pirates cove attractions orlando

Main Event

Our most favourite thing to do ended up being the arcade at Main Event at Pointe Orlando.  They have a Monday Madness deal from 4pm till close, and you can play as much as you want on the video games for $10.95 each.  If you’re not interested in earning vouchers for prizes this is a phenomenal deal!  We stayed four hours and the boys played all the different games.  It was by chance we arrived here on a Monday, so I would say time your visit for that special!  But do check to make sure they still do it.  We came back another day and played bowling and billiards too, the staff are friendly here and the place is spotlessly clean.

orlando attractions main event

There are some things we didn’t do, mainly because we have tried variants of the same back home.  But one thing is for sure you won’t have a dull moment in Orlando!

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