30 Days Wild Competition

30 days wild

During June The Wildlife Trusts are running a 30 Days Wild campaign.  It’s a chance to try and do something wild every day!  Hopefully you have already signed up to take part.  Many people have and taken advantage of the free pack of wild goodies to support themselves during the challenge.  You could still receive a digital pack which arrives instantly if you wanted some more inspiration.  Perhaps you could try litter picking, adding a bird box to your garden or building a wildlife pond!  Even seven days into the campaign you still have plenty of time to make a difference for wildlife in your area.

Plus you have the opportunity to get involved in the Big Wild Weekend too.  Lots of wild events (over a 100!) are planned during the weekend 16th and 17th of June.  See what fun you can book, from camping out in the wild to searching for bugs!  Such fantastic experiences for children.

I think it’s a great campaign as its important to encourage children to help nature where they live.

My Living World Giveaway

To celebrate the 30 days wild challenge, I have a competition to giveaway Ant World (£14.99), a Pocket Microscope (£12.99) and Bug Safari (£12.99), which will make discovering wildlife all the easier.  Nick Baker the vice president of the Wildlife Trusts worked with Interplay to develop these amazing sets as a way for kids to get closer to nature.  To enter the competition just fill out the form below by the 8th of July.

Win three My Living World Sets (Pocket Microscope, Ant World and Bug Safari)

The Pocket Microscope is small enough to be very portable yet doesn’t lack in power with a 30x magnification.  It comes complete with sample slides and everything you need to make your own.

30 days wild

The Ant World allows you to see ants build tunnels in the provided sand.  Everything is included apart from the ants themselves!  You can learn quite a lot from watching an ant.  They world very hard to support one another.  They are well-organised so its interesting seeing them go about their business.  Anything they find they share.  Hopefully by watching the ants my boys might pick up some good habits.

30 days wild ant world

The Bug Safari lets you carefully catch and study mini-beasts you find in your garden.

30 days wild bug safari

Each set is very educational and enjoyable.  Before you know it your child will be a nature expert like Nick Baker!

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