Returning to Renovating: Our En-suite Bathroom

Now our holiday to Florida has been enjoyed (and paid for!) our attention can re-focus on the house!  I wanted to have a big holiday as I turn 40 this year and I was fed up with all our money going on renovations.  But the money spent on that holiday would have gone quite far in the house.  Saying that we don’t need to save every month for Florida now.  We have more disposable income to play around with.  It’s back to working on the master bedroom and finally getting that bathroom sorted!

Our bathroom situation really lets the house down.  It has only one bathroom in operation now, when initially we had four when we moved in!  We ripped them out ready for new replacements then ran out of money!  A project of this size requires an endless stream of funds it would seem.  But now the place is water tight (and I have had my holiday fix!) we can start making the interiors more appealing.

I hate jumping in blind though, I like to do my research.  We have made a few mistakes so far on our renovation project and I want to think through our options clearly.  Whatever work we do on the bathroom I want it to add value.  Here are some of the things I am considering:


It’s not a very big bathroom, so we had planned for a towel rail rather than traditional bathroom radiators.  I thought that way we can maximise space as the towels have somewhere tidy to sit.  Although I have heard mixed opinions about how much warmth towel rails emit.  I don’t just want toasty towels I want a warm and comfortable bathroom.  Saying that it’s a small en-suite and has been well insulated so hopefully shouldn’t be too drafty!  Apparently stainless steel gives out more heat than chrome so that’s one thing I might consider.  Ultimately adding a towel rail is a good thing as its rated quite highly for making the bathroom more appealing when the time comes to sell your house.


I want to invest in vanity units.  I can’t stand cluttered bathrooms.  Instead everything needs to be tucked away out of sight!  We tend to have lots of bathroom products, the boys seem to collect them so each bathroom we complete does need proper storage.  At the moment they have a thing for collecting bath-bombs!

bath-bombs bathroom


I hate keeping the bathroom grouting looking white, it seems such a difficult task.  This time round I want to have shower boards not tiles anywhere!  It will make my life so much easier.  This will be even more important when all the bathrooms are back in operation as I will have my work cut out keeping all of them clean.


I want to be able to alter the lighting when I feel like chilling in the bathroom!  Stark bright lights can be a bit overwhelming when your unwinding with a hot shower before bed.


I don’t want it go too white and clinical.  So as much as I like the bathroom picture I have included as its fresh and clean looking, for me I would need to add some more colour.  Such an expanse of white can feel a little cold and lacking of character.

Whatever we decide to do, I can’t wait to share the finished results here.  It’s been a long time coming that’s for sure.  Four years in and it still feels like we have barely touched the surface of our renovation project.

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