How to survive the UK heatwave

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I must admit I have been struggling in the heatwave we have been having.  It’s the biggest stretch of non-stop sunshine I have experienced here in like forever.  Doing chores is impossible as I just get hotter and hotter.  Our houses aren’t equipped like those with consistently warmer climates.  I have started joining the kids in the paddling pool just to try and cool off.

We did manage to borrow a fan from my mum but all that seemed to do was blow around warm air!  So, we didn’t feel anymore refreshed for having it.

Tips to cope in the heatwave

Invest in air conditioning

I loved it when I was in Orlando and could escape from the heat, the malls and indoor attractions had a lovely temperature.  Being in extreme heat is exhausting and a welcome break from it helps you cope when your next outdoors.

Looking at the ActronAir Air Conditioning investing in something like that could be one solution to help me survive the next few weeks!  I would love air conditioning as I hate leaving the windows open this time of year.  Flies and other bugs decide that’s an open invitation to visit my house!!!  So as much as I crave the fresh air I only open the windows the smallest amount, if at all.

Close the Blinds

The front of the house has had so much sunshine each of those bedrooms is uncomfortable to sleep in.  I have started slanting the blinds to keep some of the sunshine off the room and its really made a difference.

Keep hydrated

heatwave drinks

I wrote another post on my travel blog about which drinks are most refreshing in the heat.  When your hot your sweating more so losing more fluids, make sure you are aware of how much your drinking.

Stick your sheets in the freezer

This sounds a bit radical, but I am tempted to try it after reading this article about keeping cool in a heatwave.  I wouldn’t have even thought of doing it, but at this point I am willing to try anything as my sleep as definitely been affected by the heat.

The placement of the fan

According to the same article your fan should be facing slightly towards an open window to blow out the hot air!  So that might have been where I was going wrong.

Most of all though grin and bare it!  Winter will be back with a vengeance soon enough enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

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