Planning for a Better Summer

better summer

Everyone is talking about how we only have 18 summers to enjoy with our children!  The idea is that we make each of those summers count before our children grow up and move out.  Trust me the time is so fleeting, it passes by very quickly!  I can’t believe my boys are now 11 and 9.  It doesn’t seem that long ago they were babes in arms being tenderly rocked off to sleep.


But summer isn’t all happy memories it can also be a bit of a hard slog if I am being completely honest!  It helps if you have some activities planned to keep your kids amused and out of mischief.  Tweens can be very demanding with a fair bit of attitude and if you don’t have a few ideas in place you can lose a lot of summer to screen time!  Fortnite and I are not friends. 


better summer

Personally, I like to do a bit of research, so I am prepared for the long seven-week stint.  Juggling working from home and entertaining my boys can be tricky otherwise.

Better changing children’s summers for the better

Luckily, I have been introduced to Better.  They have 270 public sports and leisure facilities, 113 libraries, 10 children’s centres and 5 adventure playgrounds dotted around the UK!  With quality facilities accessible to everyone at an affordable price!  Affordability is a big thing for me as the long summer holidays can turn out to be very expensive otherwise.  I am sure lots of mums will be thankful that Better is within their financial reach!  If you enter the code SUMMER20  at checkout you can get an extra 20% off holiday courses at participating centers making it an even better deal!  Head to the booking platform to make your selection.

Better want to make the summer great for you and your kids

They will have access to so many thrilling activities that will make the summer memorable.  Perhaps your child can try something new like ice skating, diving or trampolining.  Better offer so much variety, there will never be a dull moment for your children or grumbles of “I’m BORED!” to deal with!

Rather worryingly statistics show that children lose 80% of their fitness over the summer holidays!  Fortunately, the Activities at Better aim to get children active, improving their health and increasing their confidence.  They can make new friends and have something exciting to tell their class when they return to school in September.  Given half a chance I think my two would be happily spending big chunks of the summer there. The Extreme trampoline parks, inflatable swimming pool obstacle course, climbing walls and football lessons being on the top of their list! I would be keen to book them onto the Tom Daley Diving Academy! How cool does that sound being able to try such an exhilarating sport and master their diving techniques.  Check out the full list of activities with your children and see what captures their attention.

Another option is the Ofsted registered holiday clubs which cost from as little as £12 a day and offer eight hours per day of supervised fun.  Perfect if you must work and need somewhere safe for your children to go.  Here they will have access to arts and crafts, swimming, games and sports.  So, you don’t have to feel guilty that you’re not spending as much time as you would like with them.  The kids will be having the time of their lives!  The clubs are very flexible so don’t worry if you need to drop them off early or pick them up later!

Better Helping Communities

Better runs like a charity and are really making a difference in communities across the UK reinvesting money, time and opportunity where it matters most.    They are the current holders of the UK Business Awards for Social Enterprise and the largest leisure and cultural not-for-profit in the UK. I am glad they are being recognized for the amazing work they do.

Now I am sure you’re tempted to find your closest Better leisure centre and see what it has to offer your child.  Us mums should never fear the summer holidays, now Better have it covered!  Their highly qualified coaches provide a supportive environment for your child to thrive.  No more mum guilt and a whole lot fewer arguments about the kids having too much screen time!  I can feel my tensions drifting away already.


8 thoughts on “Planning for a Better Summer

  1. It’s crazy to think of only having eighteen summers with your kids. Day to day, that feels like a very long time, but it’s not really. Just goes to show how you should really appreciate the time you do with have them! x

  2. You are so organised! We have not even thought about what to do with the kids during the 7 week summer holiday! But the holiday club sounds like something we might do in the middle of their holiday to get them out and about.

  3. This looks like it could come in handy. We have our first family holiday this year but before and after that we have nothing planned so this could really help me out with cost.

  4. Oh my gosh that stat about children losing 80% of their fitness over summer is SHOCKING!!! I know when I was at school it would always go down a bit but I didn’t think it would be by that much!

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