Lifestyle changes as I turn forty!

As I have got closer to forty I have noticed I don’t have the same get up and go I used too!  I tire more easily and my energy levels seem constantly depleted.  Having recently joined a gym I have noticed when I do go I feel much better for it.  But its finding the motivation to leave the house and work up a sweat!  It is wasteful too if I don’t go as I have a monthly membership and I must pay that now regardless.  I need to find some extra drive to continue with my quest to be active and healthy.  I have decided to try making juices and cut back on the ridiculously high number of cups of tea I get through in a day.

Improving my Diet

I know my diet could be much better than it is.  I keep vowing to myself I will eat better, cram in more of my five a day and generally step away from the biscuit jar!  But it’s SO hard I do equate chocolate and cakes as rewards.  If I have had a tough day with the kids I give myself a little treat.  What starts out quite little can soon escalate and before I know it I have made light work of a whole pack of biscuits.  Sometimes I don’t even know if I need to eat them, its just comforting.  It’s become a habit and I can’t quite manage to break it.

I did go through a stage of using So Shape which was quite promising.  I liked the convenience of the shakes, but I don’t always fancy the flavours they had first thing in the morning.

I did manage to last awhile sticking to a healthy diet but sometimes my sugar cravings get the better of me.  Possibly I might try making up my own juice drinks next.  I had a look on MyJuicer as I need to get a blender, so I can get cracking.  With the right equipment and some good recipes, I could transform myself.

Certain juices can really energise your day.  So, stock up on ingredients that will really benefit your body.  Experiment with different ones to find a drink you love the taste of and has lots of goodness too.  Here are a few suggestions you might want to try:


Ginger is thought to reduce cholesterol, aid digestion and help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.  I think the later is very important for me as I have probably done my body a fair bit of damage with my sweet tooth.


Jam packed with nutrients and low on calories what’s not to love with this leafy vegetable.


Is great to boost immunity!  It is rich in antioxidants.

pineapple juices


For my sweet tooth this another good one to help lower blood sugar levels.  A little sprinkle works wonders on the flavour of your juice too.


Being the UK’s favourite fruit, you probably have this in stock at home!  As they are easy to digest they are a quick energy fix if you start feeling the afternoon slump.


Lots of vitamin C can sort out your fatigue problems.

juices orange

Good luck juicing!  Do let me know in the comments below if you have a recipe that worked for you.

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