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Well what can I say about Santorini? In a nutshell this is such a great game!  My eldest son and I passed a pleasant couple of hours playing this strategic game.  He got the hang of it quicker than me.  But overall its not too complicated once you have played a couple of games and got familiar with how the pieces work.


Basically, in two player mode you add two workers each to the island board.  You always move your character first then build adjacent to your new location.  As we are new to the game we are still making up our minds over which strategies are the most effective!  At one point my son got excited as he had cornered one of my workers but whilst he was distracted with that my other worker had been laying the foundations to victory!!!


The aim of the game is to get your worker to the top of a three-level tower.  It is much harder than would think.  It can be frustrating when someone builds a dome on top of a building you have been so busy working on.  Then its back to the beginning and trying all over again!  Or another favourite is scuppering another player plans by building up a level, so they can’t then move their worker into a position they wanted.  Your worker can only go up one level at a time, so you also need to think how best to climb up the buildings.

Eldest was over the moon with his wins!


Once you are familiar with the game you can start incorporating god powers!  We did this, and I was so focused on Chronus’ ability (five complete towers to win!) I didn’t see my son building his own way to winning until it was too late to stop him.

We haven’t yet tried the game with three or four players, but it’s nice having that as an option when hubbie and my youngest want to join in too.

Win Santorini

If you would like to win a copy of Santorini (RRP £29.99) please fill out the form below by the 9th of August.

Win Santorini Game

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