Sleeping Soundly with Leesa


The highlight of our new bedroom has to be our new Leesa mattress.  We have been testing it out over the last month and I am back here to report my findings!  It’s all very positive so far.  I am proper impressed.  It’s such a quality mattress and we have had very comfortable night’s sleep ever since.  The hardest part is finding the motivation to leave my bed!  Luckily, it’s the summer holidays so I don’t have to abandon it quite as quickly as normal.

Setting up our Leesa Mattress

Set up was so easy, you just unwrap and unroll the mattress.  Initially the mattress had a slight odour but that is expected.  Fortunately, it goes quite quickly and is completely harmless!  Your mattress is ready to sleep in after an hour when its expanded.  But it will feel even better after a day.  The mattress looks so stylish, I fell in love with the grey with four white stripes design even before my first night’s sleep!


End of my aches and pains

I really do love snuggling into bed now, literally counting down the day until I can cosy in again.  The mattress is so supportive I don’t wake up with my usual aches and pains!  I turn 40 in December and usually my lower back or hip feels a bit tender.  But this mattress seems to be working wonders which I am very grateful for.  The only problem I have is the whole family seem to be finding it just as inviting and restful too.  They want to lie on it to read or play in iPads!  They seem to prefer it to their own double beds.  My eldest claims it’s a wonderful mattress to have and my youngest says you will be as snug as a bug in it!


No more restless nights

The Leesa mattress is made of three levels of premium foam that work together to keep you cool, comfortable and supported.  I have started sleeping much better than usual.  Normally I wake a lot in the night but since reviewing the mattress that seems to have tailed off.  I sleep much more deeply and am not disturbed by my husband sleeping next to me.


I like that it’s a supportive mattress without being too hard, this mattress is “just right” for everyone in the family.  If Goldilocks stumbled upon a Leesa mattress it would be the only bed she would want to sleep in.  I am always envious of people who sleep well, but now I am one of those people!

From now on any more mattresses I need to buy I will be think of Leesa first.  The whole company philosophy has me hooked.  They genuinely care about helping people sleep better and making a difference in the community.  For every 10 mattresses they sell they donate one to a charity that helps vulnerable homeless men, women and children.  I am all for my purchases doing a little extra good in the world!  Especially when you get a 100-night free trial to know for sure it really is the mattress for you!

Leesa Discount Code

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This post was created in collaboration with Leesa and contains an affiliate link.

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