5 Ways to Relax When You’re Pregnant


Being an expectant mother is exciting and as a consequence it can be difficult to relax. But being calm is good for both you and your unborn baby, and it’s worth taking steps to chill out as your pregnancy progresses. Here are five ways to relax when you’re pregnant.

Get plenty of sleep

As well as getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, you might find yourself needing to nap during the day. That’s okay! Listen to your body and sleep when you need to. Visit the NHS website to get advice on how to sleep comfortably during pregnancy.

If you’re working during the day, see if your workplace can do anything to make you feel more comfortable, or if you’re able to work from home or take on flexible hours.

Exercise — gently!

You might not think of exercise as being particularly relaxing. However, the right kind of workout can be very calming for both you and your baby.

Obviously you need to avoid contact sports and anything too strenuous, but things like antenatal swimming, pregnancy yoga and walking are all suitable because they don’t put too much pressure on your body.

Be mindful

mindfulness pregnancy

Mindfulness has appeared in the media more and more recently. In a nutshell, it’s about being in the present moment and not letting other thoughts or feelings distract you. Lots of people find it very relaxing, so it’s worth trying to see if it helps when you’re stressed. You could even take a course or download an app to help guide you.

Make time for things you enjoy

Sometimes life’s simple pleasures can turn an average day into a great one. Try and dedicate some time throughout the week for something that brings a smile to your face. It might be catching up on that TV show that’s got you gripped, or it might be meeting a friend for lunch and having a good old catch-up.

Enjoy a prenatal spa treatment

Now is the time to treat yourself, and what better way to do that than by taking some time to be pampered? Whether you want a massage, a pedicure or a facial (or perhaps all three?), there’ll be a treatment out there for you. Make sure yours in suitable for pregnant women before you book — lots of spas have a special prenatal menu, so it’s worth asking about. You could go on a spa holiday, as recommended by Holidaysafe in their pregnancy travel guide.

How do you/did you relax during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments!

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