Flooring decisions in our house


Since buying our house we have gradually been replacing the flooring.  The house was in a bad way when we bought it.  Little had been done to maintain it so its pretty much ripping everything out and starting again.  Lots of our floors are exposed now whilst we decide what flooring to have.  I have written about the best flooring for families before but now the boys are older I feel I have more flexibility!  When the boys were learning to walk I stuck with carpets as I liked them having a soft landing whilst they gained confidence on their feet.

Saying no to carpet

Now they are older I can move away from carpets.  Another reason we have decided not to have carpets is it’s better for my asthma.  We will probably make an exception for the stairs, I am quite traditional in that respect!  But other than there, we want to keep the use of carpet to the absolute minimum.  I love the warmth of carpets but for me sadly they aren’t the best choice health wise.

Carpets collect dust in its fibres and dust mites love that environment.  All that flaky dead skin is such a delectable treat for them as it stays stored in the carpet!  It’s so gross when you think about it!  Dust mite faeces only serves to aggravate my condition and make me feel poorly.  So, I don’t want to do anything to encourage dust mites and make them feel at home!  They are tiny too so its not like you can pinpoint the problem and get rid of them easily.

I also prefer keeping hard flooring clean.  When we have had carpets before they have become quite stained very quickly!  The joys of having children I guess!  For these reasons we moved onto laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring

We have until now stuck with laminate flooring in each room we have renovated.  It’s hard-wearing and easy to steam mop so it looks like new again.  My husband has become quite skilled at fitting laminate flooring too so it was an affordable option that doesn’t require us to hire anyone’s skills.

But if I am being honest I think its starting to get a little boring.  I think I would like something different for my dining room to help it stand out.  We do tend to stick to quite a regimented scheme for our interiors otherwise, oak laminate flooring and magnolia walls in each and EVERY room!

3D Flooring

I was looking at 3D Royal Floors and some of the designs really captured my attention.  Lots of pretty flowers, a few pebble designs I really like and appealing underwater scenes.

flooring design

This type of flooring can really transform a room as the designs are more unique and bespoke.  3D flooring has all the benefits I want with new flooring, being hard wearing and easy to clean but they are far from boring!  I would like our interiors to make people go wow!  Instead they probably think we have gone for the safe choice (yet again!).  Perhaps I have reached my limit for neutral rooms!  It’s time to be bold and brave.  I am feeling inspired to try something different.

We still have our bathrooms to do.  The tropical reef graphic is seriously tempting me. It’s so bright and colourful.

flooring reef design

I never knew I had it in me to be more ambitious when it came to interiors.  But if we don’t do something soon our house is going to be quite bland and lacking in character.  Yes, the flooring we pick out might not be to everyone’s taste, but it will certainly create an impact!

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