Five tips for a stress-free move


When we moved to a new house back in 2014 it was a big upheaval!  We had two quite young boys and a lot to organise for the move.  I wanted to share a few of my top tips when moving to a new house based on that experience.

Prepare your children

Moving can be a stressful experience for children.  They will miss the familiar and reassuring environment of their old home.  But you can take steps to help them get used to the idea.  My youngest coped best with the move but he was five at the time and apparently children that age get most of their feeling of security from their parents so as he knew we were still there he didn’t seem to mind too much!  My seven-year-old found it harder.

Give them plenty of notice of the move.  Emphasize all the positives of your new home.  We were getting more space inside and outside in the bigger garden, so we focused on that.

For the actual move if you can get someone to look after your children it will be easier to manage everything.  If not try and give them little jobs to do so they feel involved in the process.

When we finally got everything sorted we celebrated with a moving in party!  We wanted the boys to have lots of fun with their friends.  So, they could really settle in with fantastic first memories of the new property.

Be Organised

Make sure you have booked a removal van with plenty of notice.  It’s probably best to aim for a month in advance.  It’s also worth doing your research and finding a reliable company.  M25 Supervan Hire sounds promising if you are based near London.  Ideally you want a company with experience in packing, so that all your previous possessions survive transit.

In the run up to the move try and declutter!  We had a good clear-out before we left.  Toys the boys had outgrown and items we no longer needed were given to the charity shop or sold.

Make sure you have plenty of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.  We went to the supermarket and had boxes saved.  Although you can order boxes online if you want the easiest option!  Don’t forget to label your boxes it makes it easier getting them delivered to the right rooms by the removal company.

Ask for help


Try and get friends and family onboard to help with the move!  We hired a van for the bigger furniture, but we still had to do a lot of trips in the car for our smaller belongings.  Part of me wished I had hired a complete removal package instead!  But if you are trying to save a few quid like we were then see who is available to chip in and help.  Whether its baby sitting the kids or just offering to do a couple of car loads for you, graciously accept any help that is offered and don’t be afraid to ask for it if it’s not forthcoming.

Have a survival box ready

On the day of the move make sure you have a box of supplies ready!  Tea bags, toilet roll and any other essentials you think you might need to get your hand on quickly.

Update your address

This was a big headache we seemed to have so many addresses to change.  I would advise getting a redirection service from Royal Mail.  We paid for six months initially but it took me so long getting myself sorted I paid for another year to be on the safe side.  But it did mean all my mail came to the new address.  As it did I would contact the company and change my address.

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