Me and Mine September Update

My blog has been long overdue a me and mine update, but I don’t know where the time goes.  Since my eldest has started secondary school we have been really looking forward to the weekends!  It’s lovely not having to get up quite so early and rush around!  We are all a little frazzled by Friday night, our energy levels completely depleted.

The week day mornings are manic.  Eldest now has packed lunches, so I have had to add that to my to do list each morning.  To save money I am also insisting my husband takes one too.  It’s not much more effort to make two packed lunches and it saves a fair bit of money.  Money, we have earmarked for more work in the house.  Plus, we need to finish paying off our holiday to Dubai next year.  Lots of things to look forward too.

House Renovation

I am so excited we have booked to have our en-suite fitted in the next month or two!  I really can’t wait.  Then our master bedroom will finally be finished.  I have gone without a shower for too long now!  We just had a bath for the last few years.  Baths are lovely but so time consuming to run, and the boys soak in them forever so bedtime always ends up delayed!!!


With Autumn officially here we have started geocaching again!  We had a lovely walk and found our first geocache in a good while.  The boys grumble about being dragged out for a walk but always feel better afterwards.  They come up with an imaginary game and start exploring!  Finding geocaches is just an extra bonus!

update geocaching

Fat Club

I have joined a weekly fat club.  We weigh in and socialise.  I am really appreciating the extra friendships.  Everyone is very supportive and encouraging of each other.  I am delighted to have lost 4 pounds.  Also I have been using one of those fancy weighing scales at the leisure centre and its great seeing my visceral fat (the fat around your organs) coming down!  I still have work to do to get healthier.  But I feel in a lot better frame of mind to tackle it!

This year I turn 40 and I know when my metabolism slows down weight will be harder to shift.  I am fortunate that the machine says my metabolic age is currently 32!  I am hoping to get my husband on the machine too, so we can see how he is doing.  He is still eating sweet things and I would love to have him cut back.  I want our children to see us making good lifestyle choices.

Once a week I go to the Fat Club run and my youngest son comes with me.  He only has one regular club, so the additional exercise is fantastic for us both.

So that is us for September!  Hopefully I can start doing this more regularly as the aim of my blog was always to keep a record of our lives.


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