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Rapidough is so much fun.  We often play it now without the kids!  I enjoy seeing what the grownups end up sculpting.  Especially when some of them have limited creative abilities!  The mind boggles when you see what they attempt.  My dad has me in stitches with his efforts.  Team games like this are hilarious.  When we have friends or family over it’s such an entertaining game to play.  We spend all evening laughing.

When you win you can steal some dough from the other team.  If you are not doing so well, you end up having to sculpt models with barely any dough!  Then the game becomes even more challenging.  It’s hard enough getting a recognisable model at the best of times but factor in doing that on such a small scale and things get a lot more interesting!

The game includes two sets of dough and the protective table mats.  You pick out a card and get stuck in modelling the dough.  It is quite fast paced as you try and guess quicker than the other team.  With five hundred word cards included it means Rapidough never gets boring!

When I have sculpted the dough, I love listening to all the random guesses about what it could be.  It’s quite comical seeing just how far off everyone is.  Then I desperately try to change the dough model to make it clearer for my team!  We all can get quite competitive.

Rapidough isn’t a difficult game to set up and play.  It’s easy enough to get a grasp of so you can quickly introduce the game to new people who haven’t heard of it before.  I like that everyone can be included, shouting out guesses regardless of how big the two teams are!  It’s such an inclusive game.

You can find Rapidough stockists on the Drumond Park website.

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