SEO Tips when Blogging

When I started blogging back in 2011 I didn’t have a clue about the importance of SEO!  I just had an idea I wanted to start writing about family life and Missing Sleep was born.  Now almost 7 years later I have a better understanding of its importance.  As my family have grown so has my awareness of getting SEO (search engine optimisation!) right.  So stop dreaming about making your blog a success and start taking practical steps to achieve it instead!

Get your own domain

I started off with a blog but quickly realized it was far better to have my own domain and start building up my domain authority.  It was all well and good getting a taste for blogging with a free set up but if you have any intention of taking it seriously you really need your own domain.  Ideally the sooner the better too.  If you have realized blogging is for you consider just buying your own domain from the onset.  Best foot forward and all that!  Start as you mean to go on.

Do your research

Sites like Click Consult have lots of resources like eBooks and toolkits you can download that go into greater detail on the topic!  I have only scratched the surface I know but I am always open to learning more.  Look at other successful blogs and see what they do.  Join forum groups and keep updated about best practice.  Bloggers are a kindly bunch when you get to know them and often willing to share a nugget or two of advice!

Use tools to improve your posts

I moved over to self-hosted wordpress and it’s the best thing I did!  Now I have the Yoast SEO plugin and it’s a godsend.  It offers so much advice, you can check your readability and SEO very easily!  It has helped me work towards better posts.  Using headings to break up the text and making sure I have enough transition words.  Those are the words that direct your reader through your blog post – because, also, finally you get the idea!  Passive voice I find harder, I don’t always score so well on that.  But I am improving all the time.  Apparently, readers prefer clarity they want to be clear about who is doing what etc.

Word count

In the beginning my posts could be a measly 100 words long!  I just felt I wanted to write something, so I did.  Google prefers longer more detailed posts.  So, if you want to find a bigger audience write a bit more!  Make each blog post count.

Quality content

Don’t just hash any old blog post together because your blog is looking empty and you feel it needs content.  Take your time to craft a blog post worth reading.  Regularly go back and check links are still current, any broken ones remove or redirect.  I am slowly working my way through posts a few years ago trying to make sure they are of a better quality!  Adding images and making sure the alt descriptions are completed.  It’s painfully slow so its best to get into good practise from the beginning.

SEO blogging

Inbound links

Lately I have been getting more inbound links by providing the occasional quote for another website.  Before I didn’t bother replying if they asked but it’s well worth spending a few moments of your time for a link back from a decent website.


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