The Medicinal Benefits of Herbs

medicinal benefit of herbs

Since I have started my fitness journey I have taken more of an interest in my health.  I am really pleased with my progress so far.  I have almost lost a stone and I have brought my metabolic age down from 37 to 25 years!  Feeling inspired I hope to continue to make better choices in my lifestyle. I was glad to stumble upon this infographic about the medicinal benefits of herbs.

I do have medication for my asthma prescribed by the doctor and I take tablets if I had a bad migraine or toothache.  But it would be good to see if I could try and cut back on medication for a natural remedy for treating illness instead.

Treating my Asthma

I am most excited about the Johnny Jump Up flower as it can help with asthma.  As someone who has suffered with the condition since the age of 5 years old I am delighted to try out a natural treatment as I have relied on steroid inhalers for so long!

I have been feeling better since I have made healthier choices but its always worth investigating ways to treat illness naturally.  On top of Johnny Jump Up flower being perfect for my asthma it can also be used in beauty treatments.  So, an added bonus of having the flower here would be better skin.  Nearing 40 years of age it could certainly do with a boost!

Why we need to consider the medicinal benefits of herbs?

Natural remedies were our earliest forms of medicine.  It is a good idea to try and harness the power of nature as much as possible.  These types of treatments are purer as they are in their raw form they haven’t been artificially made in a lab.  They also have less side effects than commercial medicine which is mixed up with all kinds of chemicals.

medicinal benefits of herbs

The Medical Benefits of Herbs Infographic

As you can see below herbs can be used to help so many different health complaints.  Everything from insect bites and bronchitis to mild depression, colds and indigestion!  It really does make an enlightening read especially if you want to make changes to your lifestyle.  I might soon be trying St John’s Wort as it can help with the symptoms of menopause!  As I have heard the commercial tablets used to help treat the menopause can be addictive I want to explore the medicinal benefit of this herb instead.

medicinal benefits of herbs

Infographic Credit: First Tunnels

If you don’t want to grow the herbs yourself consider sites like Indigo Herbs instead.

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