Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Costs

heating costs

The temperature is dropping and there is a distinct chill to the air.  It’s around now I start worrying about our heating bill and getting through another cold winter!  When it comes to home improvements making changes that can bring down the costs of keeping your home warm and comfortable make a lot of sense.  We currently use oil but it’s getting so expensive and with Christmas on the way I do worry how we will make ends meet.  Here are a few tips to save money on your heating costs:

Central Heating Pumps

Installing central heating pumps from Pump Sales Direct is one tip you could try.  They are an efficient way to heat your home as they speed up the process of hot water being moved between radiators.   Without them water circulation can be a lot slower with the heat not evenly distributed around the house.

Insulate your home

With each room being renovated we are adding silver backed insulation boards on the external walls.  This is just another way to protect ourselves from the chill in our home.  The upstairs rooms which have had work done in them are much warmer since we started going down that route.  Make sure your loft is insulated too so you hang on to the heat in your property.  As heat rises you can lose quite a lot through the roof otherwise. Check that the insulation you want to install meets the recommended levels.

Test for drafts

Using a lit candle check for hidden draughts and cold spots so your home is ready for winter.  When you see the candle flickering work out ways to stop the cold air getting in like caulking possible gaps.  It might mean lifting up floor boards, but it will be so rewarding when you stop that freezing feeling from ruining your vision of a cosy welcoming bedroom.

Add curtains

We have blinds, but they don’t keep the warmth in like thick curtains would.  Although you do need to make sure you don’t cover the radiators.  30% of heat is lost through the windows so thinking about what window coverings to use is worthwhile.

Maintain your radiators

heating costs

Apparently dust on your radiators stops them working as efficiently as convection cannot take place.  How many us bother to dust them regularly? Knowing it could save me money and keep me warmer is going to be my motivation to keep them in tip top condition from now on.  Also make sure you bleed your radiators otherwise the air bubbles inside them will stop the water circulating effectively.  Plus its common sense not cover them with anything, let the heat flow!

Layer Up

I feel guilty having the heating on when its only me (and the dog) in the house.  Instead I layer up, those extra clothes can really trap the heat.  Make sure you cover your feet too as you can lose a lot of heat going around barefoot.

Just warm the rooms you use

If you don’t use some of your rooms close the doors and turn down the thermostat.

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