Five Tips to Achieve A Glamorous Bathroom

Glamorous Bathroom

Eventually I will have three bathrooms in our house.  At the moment two have been ripped out ready to be started from scratch.  The final one we are making do until the others are done.  As we are starting from the very beginning, we have a lot of scope to design the bathrooms however we choose.  I think I would like to aim for at least one glamorous bathroom.  An elegant room that is a pleasure to spend time in, bathing and relaxing after hard days.  Maybe I could ear mark it as my own bathroom.  The boys can have something more practical in one of the other bathrooms.

Here are five tips to help achieve a glamorous bathroom:

Think Antique Mirrors

These create more of an impact and are a breakaway from the norm.  Any sophisticated bathroom will need a statement piece and an ornate mirror will certainly do the trick!  On top of adding to the style and opulence of the room they help reflect light making the room more inviting.

Consider more dramatic designs

You don’t have to settle for white, be bold in your colour choices.  If you are looking for glam bathroom designs? Visit Harrogate Bathrooms to get inspiration.  Marble is always a good choice as it looks quite luxurious just like your stepping foot in a spa.  Perhaps add a roll top bath as a feature.

Get the Bathroom Storage Right

Get a shelved unit or a storage cabinet to house all the bathroom products.  If space is limited invest in glass storage jars and wicker baskets.  Don’t just line up all the products on a shelf.  They will soon get messy, look cluttered and make it difficult to keep the bathroom clean.

Cheap Brands have no place in a Glamorous Bathroom

Don’t worry you can always decant cheaper products into expensive bottles!  A liquid soap dispenser looks much nicer than leaving the bargain bottle you bought in Co-op on show.  You want to give the illusion of grandeur even if its all smoke and mirrors!  I would recommend Baylis & Harding products if you want that feeling of luxury without breaking the bank.  They look chic and you won’t have to mess around with decanting!

Add the little extras

Glamorous Bathroom

Think scented candles and fluffy towels.  Consider adding artwork on the walls or convincing faux flowers.  Basically, you want to make the bathroom appeal to the senses and remind you of all those posh hotel stays you might have experienced in your life.  Why shouldn’t you be able to experience that every day and not just for occasional holidays.

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