My Advice on the Winter 2018 Fashion Trends

fashion trends

So, what is popular this season? Well the fashion trends for Winter 2018 are animal prints, glossy metallics, tweed and checks.  If you are a follower of fashion, I guess those are the materials you should be looking for when shopping!  Personally, I only wear what suits me.

I want clothes that are practical and comfortable like these Damart ladies trousers.  On the plus side you can get comfort AND fashion over there as they have a couple of pairs of stylish but modestly priced check trousers.  Who said being a follower of fashion had to be expensive!  I don’t mind having a few items like that if I don’t have to spend a fortune.

Colour wise brown is apparently the new black!

My Advice when it comes to these Fashion Trends

Find your own style

Just pick out the trends that work for you.  If animal print isn’t your thing then you have plenty of other themes to go with or avoid them altogether!  I won’t be settling for statement headwork that’s for sure!  The knitted balaclava is more a reminder of my childhood than anything I would find fashionable these days!  Seriously sometimes you wonder what these designers are thinking.  Just because they come up with something and its being paraded on the catwalk doesn’t mean you have to get behind the hype!  But this is coming from someone happiest in a pair of jeans and a hoodie jumper so what do I know.

Remember trends change

Trends tend to move on quickly so just buy a couple of items don’t restock your whole wardrobe.  Come spring a whole new trend will be revealed and with it the need to replace your knitted balaclavas with who knows what!

Be confident in your own choices

Be comfortable with your own identity if you want to try something different go for it.  You have nothing to prove and don’t have to believe the hysteria just because something has had a big catwalk reveal!

fashion trends

Not all fashion trends are wearable

Sorry back to the knitted balaclava but I think it has a narrow market, outdoor sports and robbing banks.  I don’t get why you would want to cover up like that but again if you like the look and you can make it work go for it!  The Julien Dossena silver chainmail dresses popular this season might be a bit over kill for my lifestyle.  By his own admission he said, “Who cares if no one can wear my dresses, they are statements.” – well a statement is all well and good, but it needs to fit in with our lives too!

So, this winter you might see me in check thanks to Damart but I think I will give the rest a miss!  Roll on spring and let’s see if we can put the knitted balaclava days behind us!

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