Getting leaner before I turn forty


This year I turn 40 and I seem to have had a revelation of sorts and decided to go on a bit of a health kick!  I really want to slim down my tummy and generally be a bit healthier.  I don’t like the wobble and miss the leaner tummy I had when I was younger.  However, it’s not just about how I look its what is going on inside my body.  The higher the visceral fat (the fat found around your organs) the greater your risk of diabetes and heart disease.  Let’s me honest we can’t keep ignoring our personal health.

My journey so far

Well up to now I have joined a gym, go on a weekly run with a group of fellow dieters, started going swimming and cut back on some of the cake and chocolate I love so much!  I did go completely cold turkey for a few months on all the naughty stuff but found it too difficult.


Instead I am aiming to just reduce the puddings now not eliminate them all together.  That way I don’t get tempted to binge if I am feeling low.  A little of what I like now and then seems more acceptable and sustainable.

Even though it’s hard staying on track, I have lost almost a stone so far.  I really love seeing my metabolic age improve and my percentage body fat start to lower.  But I keep wondering is I could be doing more.  So, I did some research and found another possibility I could try.

Fat Freezing

Even with a good diet and lots of exercise you can feel like some of your fat doesn’t want to go!


Fat Freezing is a non-surgical procedure that freezes your stubborn body fat.  Apparently, it’s all the rage with celebrities because its such an easy solution.  If its good enough for Jennifer Aniston, then it’s good enough for me!

It does sound quite interesting as its pitched as being pain free and doesn’t involves needles.  Phew as I am a bit of a wimp!

So how does it work?

Well fat freezes at a higher temperature than the cells surrounding it.  You can target the fat and not damage the surrounding skin.  The aim is that you look more sculptured body.  Looking at the after photos of previous customers of Pulse Light Clinic the results seem to speak for themselves!  It does seem a quicker way to get the body you want.

Treatments times are quite short 35 to 45 minutes.  About the time it takes me to do 20 laps at the swimming pool.  I am wondering which approach would get rid of the fat quicker? Certainly, something to think about when I am at the swimming pool at 7:30am!  I could be laying in a treatment room napping whilst my fat is frozen instead of swimming at an ungodly hour!

Where can you book a treatment?

I always say I would try anything once so if I was in London, I might look them up to get rid of my unsightly bulges!  If your keen head to the Pulse Light Clinic, 1st Floor, Peek House,20 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1EB or contact them on 0207 523 5158 to see what they can do.

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