How to increase staff productivity

staff productivity

My husband has just embarked on a study course through his work as a practise manager at a GP surgery.  Starting it has had a such a positive impact on how he feels about his job.  This in turn has made him more productive as he feels valued and appreciated.  All because his employer wants to invest in him and his development.  I am all for finding ways to increase staff productivity.  I did a Management degree so maximizing the output of your human resources really interests me!

Happy Workforce

Happy employees can be 20% times more productive, so its good to find ways to encourage a cheerful workplace.  If you have satisfaction in your job you tend to be more loyal to the company and less likely to bunk off work.  You could look at hosting a special event to bring the staff together, whether it’s the annual BBQ or fundraising together!

Career Culture

As a blogger I only have myself to invest in.  But by developing my skills I feel I can achieve more so do work harder.  When you have a company that focuses on a career culture by emphasizing training and development you tend to find productivity and happiness increase.  One such course you could try is NLP Training.  This can enrich business lives as it helps you become a more successful thinker!  You become more aware of your internal thought processes.  Your mind is like a server and with the right training you can help it work more effectively.  By training your conscious mind you can enhance your communication skills and learn to be more confident.


Gamers always want to level up!  As an avid gamer I can relate, we applied it to our life, getting engaged, married and me being pregnant within 6 months of getting together!  So, if you can get your staff onboard to the idea of gamification, they will work harder to unlock rewards and get to the next stage as quickly as possible.  Perhaps think about adding an employee of the month scheme so you can encourage natural competition between staff and give out bonuses for a job well done.  When I worked at ICL Computing before it was taken over by Fujitsu, they gave out shopping vouchers if you did excellent work on a project.  It certainly made me happy when I got some and made me want to keep progressing in my work!

Give Staff Feedback

staff productivity

Staff need to know how they are doing.  Particularly what they are doing well and what improvements could be made.  It all needs to be kept positive, you want to guide not lecture!  Ask what support they need, you want them to feel comfortable asking for help and to respect your advice.

Schedule Breaks

Staff can be more productive after a break away from their desk.  You want them feeling refreshed, not overworked!  So, let them stretch their legs and have a coffee and a chat with their colleagues it works wonders.

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