Running Your Blog Like A Business


I think you will be more successful if you run your blog like a business.  Not everyone would agree, but in my mind, I try whenever possible.  I guess when I first started blogging eight years ago it wasn’t something I took as seriously.  However, as time has gone by, I have realized the more effort I put into my blog the greater the returns.

Don’t underestimate the power of being professional and slick.  It can make all the difference in getting noticed and gaining more lucrative opportunities.  I don’t mind investing money in my blog as I think it makes it a more attractive proposition for future clients.  Also, when it looks good more people will stop by to read posts.  When I paid to have my blog redesigned, I received lots of lovely compliments.  It was a worthwhile investment.


Get Business Cards

You need to advertise what you do so people hear about it so buying business cards is one easy way to get seen.  At events you attend it seems more organised having business cards ready to exchange with brands.  Plus, when you hand them out your more likely to get them back in return.  This helps you build up contacts you might work with in future!

Work on your Media Pack

For your media pack look at using a Folder Printing Service so its well-presented.  Most bloggers have them now, so you need to find a way to make yours stand out from the crowd!  Add lots of photos so its too heavy on words!  Yes, it can seem a hassle getting one sorted, but it will pay dividends in the end.


Chat with other bloggers see what works for them.  Communicating with each other you can find strategies that you haven’t tried and ideas to consider in the future.  In the business world people regularly meet up to discuss and brainstorm why shouldn’t you do the same with other bloggers.  You really can learn so much.  I think I was quite naive when I first started blogging, but a few close blog friends quickly put me on the right track.

Give yourself enough time

Running a blog and keeping on top of social media can take up a lot of time.  Don’t try and rush everything, perhaps juggling a blog alongside other commitments.  Working from home can be tough as I feel like I need to also keep on top of the housework!  But instead I should prioritize my deadlines as if I were working outside of the home!  If that means my partner needs to help with the washing when he gets home so be it!  Learn to ignore all those distractions and be tough on yourself.  Don’t spend time checking for Facebook updates work on the task in hand!

Don’t give up

Stick with it, you will have days when you cannot be bothered just like any other job.  Try something different, perhaps work behind the scenes getting rid of broken links or develop your “Working With Me” page.  Then come back refreshed to write content again!

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