Turning Christmas into a Celebration

I love Christmas, the build-up and family traditions.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!  But I tend to take it for granted that my mum will be available to cook the dinner.  She always does such an incredible job.  But this year things will be different.  My mum is having an operation so its our turn to help at Christmas whilst she recovers.

However, I am a hopeless cook and a lot rides on getting the food right for the big day!  My burnt offerings really wouldn’t be up to scratch!  I could just imagine the Christmas joy quickly leaving the room with each mouthful.  Yes, I didn’t take after my mum in the cooking department.  My skills lie elsewhere like browsing the internet to find the perfect venue for someone else to cook the dinner!

Eating Out for Christmas

I am not averse to booking dinner elsewhere, when the boys were younger it seemed easier having it at home.  But I would be quite happy for a change this year, maybe we could enjoy Christmas dinner in Cheshire!  Mottram Hall seem to have it all under control, with lots of variety on the Christmas menu and attentive staff to fuss over you!  It would be so nice to celebrate Christmas without having to be up at the crack of dawn to cook the turkey!  Or spend the night before peeling vegetables like my dad usually does.  My parents are in their 70’s so really its high time I stepped in and give them some treats for a change.  I think you get used to having them take care of everything, but they have hosted Christmas for years!

According to the Mottram Hall infographic after all that lovely indulgent food we would be due a nap! We could all have a lovely snooze rather than tackle the state of the kitchen if we book our festive lunch with them.  Why shouldn’t the day be more leisurely and relaxing!  It’s exhausting enough getting to the 25th without having all the responsibility for the cooking and cleaning on the day!  My husband debates us hosting Christmas but our house really isn’t ready!  We are still ongoing with renovations so our dining room is upside down still!  The walls need painting, we are hoping to have a log burned installed and new flooring.  Until then its not really the magical venue to host such a special day of the year!


My calendar is jam packed for December with social gatherings, shows and fundraisers.  I think by the 25th I will have earnt the luxury of having someone else sort out the lunch!  Plus, the menu sounds so appetizing.  I would love to try the Christmas pudding with cinnamon custard!  I like that as its Christmas day they have even planned to have Santa arrive!  Now that does make everything a little more magical.

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