5 Exciting Radiator Styles that will Transform Your Home


In our house we have a total of 20 radiators.  We have had some new ones fitted but a fair few are the original ones that came with the house when we bought it in 2014.  I think the previous owners had each radiator fitted a while ago too.

The radiators don’t look very modern and are quite an eyesore really.  One has even been painted sickly pink for some reason!  I would love to do something different with the ones we still need to replace.  Particularly I am interested in the contemporary designer radiators as I really love the colours and designs.

Here are my 5 most favourite styles.  Soon you will see radiators can be so much more exciting than just an outlet for heat.

Arteplano Radiator

If you’re looking for a unique radiator the Arteplano radiator (seen in the feature picture) could be the one for you!  Each one is individually etched so no two people will have the same style.  What’s not to love about having your own bespoke design.  The result is a gorgeous piece of art to admire that will also keep you warm and cosy!  With wall space at a premium its beneficial when you can combine artwork and radiators into one.

Noa (bench) Radiator


I would love to replace the hallway radiator with one of these benches.  They are useful when you want to sit down to put on your shoes.  Who knew you could combine heating with seating? It sounds so catchy!  The latest radiators are very impressive these days much more practical and multipurpose.

Woody Radiator

We have a lot of wood furniture so I like that you can get wood finished radiators now.  It really helps complement the existing décor in your home.

Blackboard Radiator

The children would really like these in their bedrooms.  They could draw pictures and write silly messages.  Ideal for us to have somewhere our children can practise their artistic ability!  The dual-purpose aspect is so fun and clever!

Colori Radiator


I really like the bright bold colours they have available.  If you want your rooms to have a bit more personality, why not get a vivid colour instead.  So far, we have mainly white radiators, but I was surprised when the Pure Orange started calling to me.  We have quite plain rooms, so I think they are screaming out for a bit more character.  One of these might be just the thing!

Before deciding upon your favourite radiator do make sure you have read my tips to help you find the right radiator for you.  You really do need to think carefully about the size you need.  Select one that will generate an optimum level of heat for the dimensions of the room it will be installed in.

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