Enjoying the Magic of Disneyland on A Budget


In May last year we went to Florida so the boys could discover the magic of Disney.  The only thing was that holiday came at a price.  We spent £8,000 to make those dreams come true.  I don’t begrudge the cost as such, it really was a holiday of a lifetime.  But the problem is my children now want to go again!  To save money it might be wise to take your children to Disneyland Paris instead!  You can have three or four holidays there for the same price we spent!


You might be wondering how else you can save money.  I have included some tips below.  Visits to Disneyland Paris can be very affordable if you do your research and get organised.  If we had visited Disneyland Paris our adventures for 2018 might have looked quite different as we would have been able to squeeze in a lot more during the year!  There is much to be said about staying closer to home.  Visits to far flung places like Florida can eat up a lot of your travel budget for the year in one trip!

Stay Off-Site

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You pay a premium to stay at the parks so look for accommodation elsewhere.  To be honest from my experience you spend very little time in your room anyway.  You just need a cosy bed to top up your energy levels for another busy day at Disneyland!  So, don’t worry about choosing a hotel without amazing facilities as you probably won’t have time to use them anyway!  If you can find a budget hotel with a free shuttle to the park even better.  Otherwise transportation can soon add to the price of your holiday.

Book Your Tickets in Advance

Don’t wait until you arrive to buy tickets at the gate.  Prices there are usually inflated and very expensive.  Use sites like Attraction Tickets Direct to book in advance.  They say savings of up to 41% so it makes a big difference!

Use the free water fountains

Top up your water bottles at the free fountains don’t keep buying new bottles!  Themes parks are thirsty work so this frugal tip will save you a fortune.

Stock up on Snacks

My children seem to be permanently hungry and visits to Disney involves a lot of walking, so I found they wanted more food than normal!  Carry plenty of snacks to keep children happy and avoid paying so much when you’re in the park!  We still indulged occasionally having Mickey Ice Creams but then we didn’t feel guilty about the cost because the rest of the time we had our own snacks!

If you plan to visit a lot buy an annual pass

An annual pass to Disneyland Paris might work out better if your hoping to return a few times during the year.  It’s something worth considering anyway especially if you get the Disney bug.


Fingers crossed you get to take your children to Disney.  It’s well worth saving just to see their faces light up!

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