Is it worth investing in real wood floors?

wood floors

This is a question I often ask myself.  So far in the rooms we have updated we have opted for laminate flooring.  We are on a budget after all and it’s the cheaper option by a considerable margin.  But despite those cost savings, is it the right choice? Real wood floors have lots of advantages over laminate.  It might be a mistake us not investing enough in our renovation project from the onset.

Real Wood Floors Are More Durable

I don’t think I should have let the cost of real wood floors put me off.  They are much more durable than laminate so are a wise investment.  You might get at best 15-20 years with laminate – slightly more or less depending on the traffic that floor receives.  Whereas real wood floors can last a hundred years if cared for properly.  That is a significant difference!

Solid Flooring is Stronger

wood floors

Real wood floors have greater strength too.  Our laminate flooring has a few dents where the boys have dropped toys, or we have had further renovation work!  Our flooring doesn’t look as good as it did when it was first installed.  We are having to get creative with where we place furniture or rugs to disguise the fact.  Given that it is only four years old it’s a real shame.  If you are still undecided it might be worth requesting a free sample kit from Lifestyle Flooring UK so you can see the difference in quality over laminate.

Easier to Maintain

Apparently real wood floors are more receptive to paint than laminate.  So, you can soon make them look as good as new all over again.  I am glad we made the decision to have hard flooring and avoid carpets.  But I wish we had done more research and considered real wood flooring from the very beginning.  Once laminate looks tired and worn down there is no saving it.  Real wood flooring can be brought back to life!

Homes With Real Wood Floors Are Easier To Sell

wood floors

Your initial investment in your flooring might have seemed expensive but it adds equity into your home.  Real wood floors are a status symbol that buyers will be on the look out for.  The article mentions spending £400 to £600 can see an increase in the value of the house by £1,300.

It’s good to know when your renovation choices are the right one and with real wood flooring it does seem to be a worthwhile investment.

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