Our Plans for The Family Bathroom

2019 I have decided to focus more on our house renovation projects.  As much as holidays to far flung destinations are wonderful, we spend most of our time at home.  After our trip to Dubai I will be saving to do another bathroom.  I want our house to start to look better.  Some rooms are a real eye sore and we have just got used to them being that way!

The family bathroom started off quite well.  Initially it was two rooms.  A small room with a macerator toilet and sink and then a proper bathroom.  I was glad to get rid of the macerator as they can be prone to blockages.  Sticking with the plumbed in bathroom was my preference!

Everything was ripped out and the wall between the two rooms taken down.  We had to have a supporting beam, so it got expensive just getting that done.  We needed to hire a structural engineer to work his magic and do the calculations!  Then it was skimmed ready.  After that it become a dumping ground for tools and general household chaos!  I think its high time we made sorting it out a priority.  It seems a shame our enthusiastic start died a death quite quickly!

I have a wish list of things I want in the main family bathroom.

Powerful Shower


This is my priority.  Nothing beats the feeling of a proper blast of hot water to get you moving in the morning!  I think its worth spending to get a shower with high pressure.  I was having a look on Insignia Showers and was amazed by the choice of showers.  They even have a kid’s range.  I feel a little bit sad now that I ripped out my son’s en-suite in favour of giving him a bigger room!  He would have been delighted with the fun football theme.

Space Planning

Our downstairs bathroom has so much clutter.  I hate seeing all the shampoo and shower gel on show.  We seem to collect bottles!  Storage in the bathroom will be high up my wish list.  This Ideal Home article has lots of suggestions so that’s given me food for thought.  I will be buying a sink with built in storage.  I know my dad grumbles about it saying its hard then for the plumber to get at everything when you have a problem.  But to be honest it’s a small price to pay if it means we achieve a tidy and inviting bathroom!

Easy to Clean Flooring

Our home used to be a business residence, all the bathrooms had anti slip flooring.  I hate the stuff.  It collects dirt like you wouldn’t believe.  All those tiny bumps on it are a magnet for grime!  It’s gross.  I am sure there must be better flooring available out there.  I want my new bathroom to look good once its cleaned not grubby!  It hardly seems worth the effort with flooring like that.

Shower Boards

Life is too short for cleaning between tiles!  They always need so much scrubbing.  It doesn’t take long before the grout looks dreadful!  Installing shower boards is the low maintenance option I love.

So, fingers crossed I can give you an update later in the year with pictures of our new bathroom!  That’s if I can stay away from holiday deal websites for long enough…

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