Celebrating Valentine’s Day with buyagift

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With Christmas out the way its time to focus on the next special occasion on the calendar, Valentines.  The 14th of February will be upon us before we realise.  It seems like Christmas was ages ago already!  My husband and I don’t always go big on gifts, I find him very difficult to buy for.  But buyagift have made that much easier with their smartbox experiences as he has so much choice.

He will always manage to find something he wants to do or somewhere to go and enjoy a meal.  With the New Year he started a diet, so I can’t even get his go to gift, a Toblerone!  I am grateful buyagift can jump in and save the day!  Even better I have just joined the Boom25 site which has buyagift on there, where you have the chance of winning back the cost of your order.  You can sign up here.

If your looking for inspiration buyagift is the site to browse.  I quite fancy the sound of the Blue Skies Helicopter Tour for two with bubble (£68).  What a lovely romantic experience taking in the sights together.

buyagift really is the perfect site is you have a bucket list of experiences you and your partner want to complete.  If you are feeling adventurous you can try out something exciting and new.  You don’t have to stick to the same old flowers and chocolate routine.  Plus, you can’t make a mistake with buyagift.  Your partner can exchange the experience online if they decide it’s not for them.  That for me is a big benefit of using the site.  It’s easy to misjudge what a partner would like especially if you are only just starting out dating.


Personally, for me afternoon tea is my gift of choice.  Just leaving that there for my husband to see.  Although if he wanted to spend more (I am worth it!) the Ultimate Time Together smartbox would be another good choice.  For £129.99 you have the 995 experiences, including short breaks.  Some of the hotels through in a spa treatment too so you can completely relax and unwind!  Heavenly.  I think most of all it would just be nice to hold a conversation without being interrupted about a million times!


I think my husband would love the Crystal Maze Live Experience in London (£120).  He would be so enthusiastic to have the opportunity to relive the show he enjoyed so much.

buyagift experience

When we first started dating, we just bought a load of random stuff for each other to celebrate occasions.  I seriously wish we had looked at the buyagift site instead.  You always have something to look forward to when you order their experiences.  It forces us to beg my parents to babysit and give ourselves quality couple time.  Something in short supply since we became mum and dad to two boys.

buyagift Competition

I have a buyagift dining experience for two smartbox to giveaway worth £59.99 this prize offers a choice of 725 restaurants dotted across the UK.  Please fill out the simple form below by the 10th of February.

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