Five Tips for A Successful Family Camping Trip

family camping trip

We have been camping before to Hatton Adventure World and although the children had fun, I found some aspects quite stressful!  It was nothing to do with the venue which was perfect as they have lots of experience catering for families.  They had an entertainment programme, nice toilet facilities and free toasted marshmallows for the children on our first night.  I really couldn’t fault Hatton Adventure World.  It was more to do with our lack of knowledge and preparation!

I would do things differently the second time round.  Here are my five tips for a successful family camping trip.

Do a Practice Run

Set up the tent in your garden.  We arrived tired at Hatton Adventure World after a long journey and had no clue how to put up the tent we had borrowed.  If it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers at the site, we would probably still be trying to put it up today!  It was also raining so we were getting more and more soaked until they took pity on us and saved the day.  So, I highly recommend doing a trial practise at home first, so you know how to put your tent up.  Then spend the night in your tent too!  Doing this might also highlight things that would make your camping stay more enjoyable.  Do you have enough light to see in the evening? Are you all warm enough?

family camping trip

Buy a Portable Charger

Our mobile phone ran out quite quickly and seeing as I was relying on it to take pictures of our stay it was very frustrating!  I hadn’t even thought about buying a portable charger!  Some are quite sophisticated now and let you charge your phone multiple times before needing to be re-charged.  Do your research and pick one of those up before your family camping trip.

Invest in a Camping Fridge

If your camping for any length of time you may want to keep food fresh in a camping fridge.  Otherwise eating onside or in the local area can get quite expensive.  These are battery powered so you don’t have to worry if there is no mains electricity.  I am the kind of person who doesn’t mind camping but misses all the modern conveniences of home.  It’s good you can still have them after all.

Pick a Family Friendly Site

This is the one thing we did right.  Hatton Adventure World was ideal for a family camping trip.  Wherever you pick make sure the facilities on site are good and that there are days out on your doorstep to keep the kids entertained whatever the weather!  There is nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere in torrential rain stuck in a tent with restless kids.  Plan for every eventuality!

Navigating the Site at Night

Once your all settled in the tent there is nothing worse than the children needing the toilet and its back out into the night!  Make sure you have a good torch to navigate to the toilet block safely, watching out for tent pegs!  It might be worth buying headlamps, so you don’t trip on anything in the dark.  Some seasoned campers recommend buying a camping portable potty, so they don’t have to do those late-night visits to the toilet.  But I am not sure I fancy one of those!

Fingers crossed these tips will help you have a successful family camping trip!

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