Digital Magic Books Review and Giveaway

We were lucky enough to be sent a selection of Digital Magic books from Carlton Books.  These are so clever.  You can either read them as standalone books or install a free app for a completely immersive experience.  This is the magic part!  The book literally comes to life.

Digital Magic Books Are Educational

I was impressed with each of the books.  They are very educational.  Each book was full to the brim with interesting facts.  Children will be much more knowledgeable about a subject after absorbing the information on the pages.  My children love books and reading but this format was very appealing.  Furthermore it really enriched their learning experience.

We had Into Deep Space, iRobot, My Cutest Kitten, My Perfect Puppy, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Raptor Rescue and Extinct Animals.  Each of the books had different things to offer.  They will make children eager to soak up all the facts and see what adventures await them on each page.

Digital Magic Books

In iRobot my son liked seeing the robot coming out of the book and being able to walk it around the room!

Digital Magic Books

He also had the opportunity to fly a drone around.  The Kitten and Puppy books were very sweet, you learn how to look after your pet.  It’s good to teach children to be more nurturing and caring, taking care of someone else’s needs.

Digital Magic Books Are Affordable

The hardback books offer excellent value for money at £9.99 each.  With the added app functionality children will be entertained for ages.  The range is huge, so I am going to order some more titles for my eldest son’s birthday! iExplore The Brain and iScience would be perfect for his inquisitive mind.  I like to keep providing my children with the chance to discover more about the world around them.

Additionally I think Digital Magic books would encourage reluctant readers to want to read.  You could say to your child you will put the app on when they have read a few pages.  Then it is a nice treat to look forward to seeing the content come to life and being able to engage with the subject matter in a more exciting way.

Win Three Digital Magic Books

I have a competition for one winner to win three Digital Magic books (chosen at random).  If you would like to enter please fill in the form below by the 18th of April.

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