Fun activities for when you’re stuck in the house with your kids

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Rainy and sick days are inevitable.  However sometimes with young children at home it can be difficult to find ways to keep them entertained at all times. Young children often have a hard time sitting still.  Therefore its important to have a wide variety of indoor activities planned ahead of time to ensure that the day runs smoothly.  With the main aim that everyone remains active and happy. Most indoor activities for children can be set up in minimal time!


Whether you’re a child or an adult rainy and sick days are known for being the perfect time to snuggle under a blanket in pajamas and catch up on some good movies. Streaming platforms like offer a wonderful selection of age appropriate movies which the whole family can enjoy.  Everything from Disney classics to new releases. While you’re at it why not enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa, a perfect addition for movie time!


Another classic indoor activity that is always certain to entertain and take up quite a bit of time is old fashioned board games! Pull out monopoly, scrabble, snakes and ladders and chess to keep the children entertained throughout the day. As these games require multiple players, they are also a great excuse to invite friends over so that the children can all play and enjoy some time together. If you don’t have board games at home, you can always rely on interactive games such as Simon Says, Hide and Seek, Eye Spy and Pass the Story.


Crafting, painting and making origami are all great ways to stimulate the brain while creating something memorable. A nice homemade activity, crafting is easy and can be done with any objects found around the house. Create a necklace or bracelet out of large pasta noodles, decorate a cardboard box with glitter and markers or paint a fun image on a simple piece of paper to hand on the fridge later on. All of these suggestions are great for stimulating fine motor activity while scaring away boredom!

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Another great homemade activity which children love is play-dough! Play-dough can be prepared easily with a combination of flour, oil and cream of tartar and water. Add food coloring to create fun pieces of play-dough to stick together. Suggest making objects and shapes or little people out of the play-dough and get creative with cookie cutters. While this is a slightly more messy activity, it is certain to entertain children for hours!


While you’re waiting out the rain and/or sickness, why not prepare something delicious to snack on? A few great baking options that children love taking part in are pizza, cookies and cupcakes! In order to bake a homemade and delicious pizza just make sure to have flour, sauce from a jar and bar of cheese. Children love being able to stir the ingredients and decorate the pizza with all their favorite toppings. Cookies and cupcakes are also easy to bake with children. Let them pick out their favorite ingredients and add in the chocolate chips before putting the cookies in the oven or let them top the cupcakes with their preferred frosting.

While planning indoor activities may seem like it can require a lot of imagination, sometimes the most fun can be had with simple objects laying around the house. A great way to always be prepared for rainy and sick day activities is to ask other parents what they plan for their children and what they enjoy most during these days. Leave a comment with any other ideas and your children’s favourite indoor activities!

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