Week 13 of 2019

afternoon tea

I think it’s unheard of me not blogging for this long.  Although it has been an exceptionally busy week.  I seemed to be off somewhere every day!  Next week is looking a bit calmer social wise so hopefully I can get back on track here.  I rarely do these weekly updates, but I want to make it more of a regular thing.  I want to remember all my favourite things I have done, like having afternoon tea!

Afternoon Tea

This week I have enjoyed going out for afternoon tea with my parents.  I had some vouchers, so it was nice to treat them for a change.  I am a bit hooked on afternoon tea.  There is something quite therapeutic about having lots of tea and cake.  This spread didn’t disappoint!

I needed the sugar energy as before the afternoon tea session I had completed a brisk 7 mile walk with a friend!  I was flaking until the sugar reached my system.  You see I am out of practise when it comes to exercise.  I had been so good.  But I quit my gym membership recently and have gone back to eating ALL the wrong things!

Birthday Meal

My friend celebrated her birthday this week so that was another meal!  I promise you I don’t usually socialise this often normally!  My calendar will probably go quiet for months now…


On Friday I went shopping with my mum.  I’m not a big shopper but my mum wanted the company, so I went along.  Plus, she treated me to lunch which is always a bonus!  We then stopped off at a garden centre for tea and cake.  As I have got older, I have started developing an appreciation for garden centres!

Renovation Project

We have decided what our next project for the house will be!  I am excited that a log burner will make the house warmer!  I always feel so cold.  Even now as the weather warms our house is still freezing.  Old stone houses take a lot to warm up!  This is something cosy about a roaring fire too.  I love the flickering colours.  Then we might finally transform our dining room.  It’s always tricky blogging as that room is so bad, I try not to feature it if I can help it.  But there have been times I could have done with it being finished.


Competition wise I have been so lazy I have barely entered any at all this month.  I had promised myself I would be more proactive.  But I just seemed to have lost my drive, I don’t think I have enough material to write a competition update post this time.  I did have one nice win which you can see below.

competition win

It was lovely having such a big bag of random products to rummage through!  Apparently it was meant to be worth £250!  I also had an envelope with some vouchers too for the bits that couldn’t travel well in the post.  Next month I am going to try and be a bit more determined with competitions and blogging as a whole.


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