My Favourite London Family Restaurants

I have visited London many times over the years.  One of my best friends who also happens to be the boy’s god mummy lives there!  It’s a fantastic city with so much to offer.  But it can be hard knowing where to eat out when you’re not used to having so much choice!  If you have a favourite London family restaurant, please share it in the comments as I am always open to inspiration for our next trip!

I found it handy using a restaurant review site like squaremeal so you can get some idea what to expect before booking your meal.  I always use review sites these days as I would hate to spend a lot of money on a meal and be disappointed with the food or service.  Money is so hard to come by and very easy to spend, so you want your restaurant experience to be enjoyable for the whole family.

I have included some of my own suggestions for our favourite London family restaurants below.

Rainforest Café

london family restaurants

A firm favourite of my boys is the Rainforest Café.  It was such a magical experience for them.  They were quite young so believed that all the animals were real!  The only thing I would say was my youngest kept wanting to wonder off to get a closer look at them all.  It was lovely seeing his look of wonderment though.  Cha Cha the Rainforest Café character came around the tables too adding to the excitement.    I would say this is one restaurant families need to visit at least once, just to see the theming and soak up the atmosphere!

A kid’s main, pudding and drink comes in at £13.20 which isn’t too bad when you factor in the whole experience you are getting.  If you go for the Tree Top Chicken Bites you can make sure they get a good portion of veggies too!


We went to the one in South Bank this area is ideal for eating out!  Wagamama is a good choice as they are very family friendly.  I like that you can encourage your children to try eating with chop sticks!  It’s more of a fun experience for them.

london family restaurants

The menu was very healthy too.  They had the sauce in a side dish rather than on the food.  This is better for my children so they can see whether they like it or not.

Bubba Gump Shrimp

This is one we have yet to visit but is high up my list!  I want to see the Forest Gump themed restaurant after hearing so many good things about it.  I love the Forest Gump film and it would be great to have a chance to see the memorabilia!  The dessert menu will make your mouth water!  It’s worth trying the Best of the Best Sampler so you can try out a few!  Priced at £11.95 its big enough to share.  It includes Mama’s Cinnamon Bread Pudding, Strawberry Shortcake and Chip Cookie Sundae.

Planet Hollywood

Again, if you like your movies then Planet Hollywood is the restaurant for you.  There are 20 screens in the restaurant playing various movie clips and 100 items of memorabilia to check out, including a life-sized gremlin!  Although I might be a little scared of that.

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