Our Ready 2 Robot Movie Night

Ready 2 Robot

Forget being ready to rumble it’s all about being Ready 2 Robot here!

We were pleased to be sent a box of treats to host our very own Ready 2 Robot move night.  This was my boys first introduction to the product.  I was pleased it had such a positive reception.  They were delighted with their goodies!  Quickly stocking up on popcorn to munch whilst watching the battles.

They thoroughly enjoyed each of the Ready 2 Robot episodes and watching which character would win!  It was interesting seeing the addons they would pick to upgrade themselves in battle.  It was very action packed with rockets firing, freeze blasters and obstacles to avoid!  Then the crowd goes wild when one of the characters wins.

Some of the moves were quite “savage” as the characters seem keen to settle scores and become the overall champion!  It’s a winner take all kind of attitude.  But I don’t mind a bit of healthy competition on the battle field!  The robots might get destroyed but the characters are always okay.  Although they don’t get up and shake hands, they are more inclined to wipe snot on their rivals!  Pretty gross I know but then then there are no rules on this battle field.

Ready 2 Robot Toys

Ready 2 Robot

The excitement continued with the unwrapping of the Ready 2 Robot toy they were sent!  All the different packets made them more enthusiastic for the product.  My youngest was delighted that the character is hidden away in a container full of slime!  They are big fans of slime here, so they were always going to be a winner including that.

The robot parts are interchangeable so I can imagine when you build your collection then the fun will really start!  You can pick out the parts to give you the best edge in your imaginary battles.  The parts are easy enough to connect.  You can use the container the pieces come in as a stand to display your robot.  It’s good that it has some versatility because at first, I wasn’t sure what you would do with it!

Ready 2 Robot

I have a feeling my boys will want to buy further Ready 2 Robot packs now and build up their own squad.  It helps to be part of a team when you have a challenging robot battle ahead.

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