My February Wins

It’s that time again to update you on my wins.  February seemed a bit more frustrating competition wise.  I had a lot of emails hinting about being the “winner”.  Then when I opened it, I quickly realized with a sinking feeling it wasn’t intended for me!

Also, my heart wasn’t in it this month, for the last week anyway.  We should have been in Dubai but my eldest was too poorly to travel.  Then I caught his bug as I was vomiting too!  I felt too lethargic to get back into the swing of things.  Hopefully I will return to comping with renewed energy in the next few days.  Otherwise my March update might be completely void of wins!  If you missed my January competition wins update you can read it again.

I am hoping March is a better month health wise too!  A holiday win would be nice because we never made it to Dubai!

February Wins

L.O.L. Surprise! Biggie Pet

Bodyshop mist spray

Gardening set worth £50

Maze Runner DVD

£20 Amazon voucher

My husband also won me a cute bottle of nail varnish on the machines at the Milestones Museum!  I am adding this as I think it can be my lucky duck!

lucky duck wins

Not my best month since I started but nonetheless, I am pleased with my wins.  I am looking forward to watching the DVD with hubbie and Amazon vouchers always come in handy!  The gardening set my husband has already put to good use and he did some weeding!  So, it’s a competition prize that just keeps on giving, as usually I never find my husband eager to make the garden look better.

I will add a competition to this update like I usually do!  When you enter wish me some luck for March, either as a comment or just said out loud!

Win an American Candy Selection

wins sweets

The prize this month is a Heavenly Sweets American Candy selection as my youngest got one of these packs for his birthday and absolutely loved it!  The picture below gives you an idea of what it might be inside, but the contents might vary.  To enter please fill the form below by the 7th of April.

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  1. lovely comp wishing you some luck hopping i get some too get lost of luck but its all bad so i wish you luck and hope it bounces back at me too

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