Sending the Perfect Card

perfect card

When it comes to the special occasions of people in our lives, I think it’s nice to put a bit of time and effort picking the perfect card for them.  It’s not a particularly easy process, I can spend ages in a card shop trying to decide which would be the perfect card.  Here are some tips to make it easier.

Think About What The Person Likes

If you know they are particularly fond of something try and pick out a card that includes that.  Card Factory have some lovely choices, especially pugs they seem to have lots of those cards.  I love pugs with their squishy cute faces.  However, if your card recipient is more into cats, steer away from dogs.  It’s common sense really but all too often our own likes dictate the cards we buy.

Think About Their Personality

Sometimes going for a comedy card can lift someone’s spirits, giving them a much-needed giggle.  But not everyone has the same humour so bear this in mind if you decide to venture away from the traditional cards.

Getting The Age Right

This is a particular bugbear of mine.  If you can’t remember how old someone is opt instead for the safe choice and send a card without an age on it!  Both my boys have felt disappointed after repeatedly getting the wrong age cards from one family member.  Whereas they wouldn’t mind if their age wasn’t featured on the card.  It has got to the point I don’t give it to them anymore as I can’t face seeing their sad faces.

The Message Inside the Card

The pre-printed messages can be a big part of picking the perfect card.  You could also go blank and pen your own sentimental message.  But I do find that part quite tricky.  Although lately I have started searching the Internet for message examples, so I am not at such a loss.  I want to write more meaningful messages but I never quite manage it.

Deciding Whether to Personalize the Card

Another popular choice is to personalize the card.  I like this idea and it is a bit more unique.  You can add their name to the front of the card and perhaps a photo too!  My husband did this one Mother’s Day and I had a gorgeous picture of my eldest on the front of the card.  It made me want to hang on to that card forever, which isn’t always the case.  Some cards quickly make it into recycling when there days are up being displayed on the sideboard.

Make Your Own Perfect Card

perfect card

My mum loves crafting so she makes her own cards.  She has made some lovely ones for the boys featuring their favourite animals.  If you are creative why not give it a try, my mum finds it such a rewarding outlet.

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