Five Tips to Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue

wedding venue

There are lots to consider when planning your wedding.   But the wedding venue is one of your main priorities.  I had a lovely little wedding in North Wales.  The church I used to go to Sunday School was where we had the ceremony then on for a posh meal at one of my favourite restaurants.  I was already pregnant, so I didn’t want a big party and a very late night.  I guess my circumstances might have shaped the type of venue we wanted at the time.

Getting the venue right is a big part in determining how successful your wedding will be.

wedding venue

Do your Research

Head to the Internet and see what people have previously said about your chosen venue.  Before you book your wedding make sure you have requested a viewing and tried eating a meal there to see if your happy with the atmosphere, service and food.  It will give you a better idea if its the venue for you.

Are you after an Exclusive Venue?

The restaurant we picked was quite small, so we did end up having it just for our wedding party.  But bigger venues might not offer exclusivity.  It’s always worth checking first if this is important to you.  Hampshire wedding venues like Lainston House offer exclusive use of the property and grounds.  You know its only going to be about your big day and you don’t have to share it with anyone not involved in the proceedings.  This works out better for photographs as you don’t have random people in the background that aren’t part of your special day!

Pick a Venue with a Wedding Co-ordinator

Some venues have a wedding coordinator on hand.  If you are looking at wedding venues in Berkshire Lythe Hill looks stunning and have a wedding team you can chat too.  You want your big day to run seamlessly.  To achieve that you need to make sure your chosen venue has good staff running it who can assist with the décor and styling on the day.  You need a go to person you can rely on, so check that the venue staff turnover isn’t too high!  Some brides have ended up with a string of different wedding co-ordinators in the months leading up to their weddings.  This is harder for continuity!

wedding venue

See if you Can Hold the Date

Just to make sure you are not acting on impulse ask if you can hold the date and give yourself 24 hours to think about it.  Some venues will ask for a non-refundable deposit in those cases it might be worth only proceeding with the booking when you are confident it’s the right venue.

Is the Venue Big Enough for Your Wedding?

Wedding venues in Surrey vary considerably in size, is the venue you want big enough to accommodate everyone? It’s best to check your invite list to make sure you have included everyone.  My mum had a habit of trying to invite more people so you either need a big enough venue or be firm about who gets invited!  It’s your big day after all don’t be pressurised into decisions you’re not happy with.

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