How to take care of your feet

You can read lots of articles about healthy living, but not that many about looking after your feet!  But if you think about it our feet keep us steady and stop us from falling over so it’s important to take good care of them.  Here is my guide on how to take care of your feet.

Get the Right Fit

If you have problems with your feet you could try and buy some wider fit shoes.  Wider shoes give you more space so your foot will stay in a better shape.  How do you know if you need a wider fit? You can get your feet measured or look at your feet for cues.  If you keep getting blisters and bunions, then something isn’t right with your footwear.

Go Shoe Shopping Later in the Day

According to this NHS article you should shoe shop in the afternoon as your feet swell during the day.  If you want them to be a good fit, you need to take this into account.  Otherwise the perfect pair of shoes you bought first thing in the morning might not end up being so comfortable.  Before writing this article I never knew there was a best time of day for buying shoes.  So, at the ripe old age of 40 I can finally get it right!

Avoid High Heels

how to take care of your feet

I am more of a trainer wearing girl myself which is quite lucky as high heels aren’t great for your feet.  So much so that podiatrists (doctors who focus on foot and ankle problems) call wearing them “shoe-icide”.  The position isn’t natural for our feet, being so elevated.  Reading this article in WebMD made me realise just how much stress they put your feet under.  Some celebrities have awful feet because years of heel wearing has done serious damage!

Don’t Spend All of Summer in Flip Flops

how to take care of your feet

I love it when I can dig out my flip flops for summer.  But I didn’t even think about how little support them offer my feet.  Either try and buy a brand with a thicker sole to support your arch or spend time wearing other shoes too.  Also, what I have found when wearing flip flops is that I curl my toes awkwardly to hang on to my flip flop!  This is another big no no apparently!  So, if you want your feet to breathe buy sandals instead so at least your feet aren’t working so hard.

Alternate your Shoes

It’s considered good practise not to wear the same pair of shoes every day!  I am completely guilty of this; I have my go to pair of trainers and wear them pretty much all the time.  Until I swap to my flip flops for summer.  Well, I didn’t know you should alternate with another set to help keep the shape of your shoe and provide a break for your shoe to dry out!

Fingers crossed this post has helped you as much as it’s educated me in writing it!

4 thoughts on “How to take care of your feet

  1. Get The Right Fit :- I came across a woman who was seeking this when I was shopping for shoes myself. She stated that she has narrow feet, and unfortunately this made it difficult for her to Get The Right Fit. We were shopping at a Hotter outlet. I luckily did get a pair of shoes which fitted and suited ( weather was beautifully sunny at the time) me.

    But unfortunately for the woman who required a narrow fit, she was unsuccessful. We all come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Baby and children’s shoes are available in a variety of sizes, and widths. It seems that Government, NHS ( National Health Service), Shoe Manufacturers, Podiatrists / Chiropodists, etc :- Need to work together in order to meet the NEEDS of the Public in order to Provide appropriate (Healthy) foot care. Part of this being the availability of Good Fitting Footwear. So as to Improve Foot Health of the Public / Nation, etc.

  2. Avoid High Heels :- Seems that there is a NEED to Prioritise Foot Health / Foot Care. Maybe Podiatrists / Chiropodists could assist Health Improvement by Promoting Good Foot Care through educating :- Expectant Mothers in regards to changes in their own feet during pregnancy. All members of the Public in regards to Good Foot Care :- This can be done via links with Midwives ( Providing Up To Date Information. Maybe being involved in Preparation for Motherhood Classes. As could provide information appropriate for expectant mother, neonates, babies)
    Health Visitors ( Information and Up To Date Advice. Appropriate to Postnatal Mothers, babies, children).
    Health Centre Staff ( As they interact with all age groups. Information regarding ages, life stages, variety of health and social, and financial situations / circumstances).

  3. Alternate Your Shoes :- Something that I have become aware of over time. Possibly from when I was a teenager, and worked selling footwear such as shoes, etc, as well as some sundries such as care products for the footwear.

    Seems like shoe shops, and other shops which sell footwear could link with NHS (National Health Service) Podiatrists / Chiropodists :- Working together to Protect the Public, and encourage Good Foot Care.

    Seems we often think of shoes / footwear variety in regards to social events / circumstances, weather, etc. Foot Care it seems needs to be highlighted via Health Improvement, etc.

  4. Historically there was a time, and unfortunately not long ago :- When children either did not attend school through having no shoes. Also a time when some children attended school :- Raggedy School barefoot, as no footwear due to financial poverty.

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